Dream - Mask (Official Music Video)

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Dream - Mask (Official Animated Music Video)
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Animation Produced By:
Phyre Productions - @Phyre Productions

Xoriak - @Xoriak

2D Artists:
Alex Ulrick
Phyre Productions

Layout Artists:
Phyre Productions
Walking Yat


Alex Ulrick
Kyran Talboys
Tommaso Maurutto
Walking Yat

Brady J. Harty

VFX Artists:

Lighting Artists:

Post Production:

Music Produced by:
Twitter: @perishbeats
Instagram: @perishbeats

Twitter: @prodbanrisk
Instagram: @banrisk


I wear a mask with a smile for hours at a time
stare at the ceiling while I hold back whats on my mind
and when they ask me how I'm doin' I say I'm just fine
and when they ask me how I'm doin' I say I'm just

But the fact is, I can never get off of my mattress
and all that they can ask is, why are you so sad kid, why are you so sad kid
that's what the mask is, that's what the point of the mask is

so you can see I'm trying, you won't see me crying, ill just keep on smiling, im good
and it just keeps on piling, its so terrifying, but I keep on smiling, I'm good

I've been caring too much for so long, been comparing myself for so long
I've been wearing a smile for so long its real, so long its real, so long its real

always being judged by a bunch of strange faces
scared to go outside haven't seen the light in ages
but I've been places, so I'm okay-ish, so I'm okay-ish, yeah I'm okay b----

But the fact is, I need help I'm failing all my classes
They think that I need glasses, I just really wish that I could pass this, wish that I could pass this
that's what the mask is, that's what the point of the mask is

so you can see I'm trying, you won't see me crying, ill just keep on smiling, im good
and it just keeps on piling, its so terrifying, but I keep on smiling, I'm good

I've been caring too much for so long, been comparing myself for so long
I've been wearing a smile for so long its real, so long its real, so long its real

This is a lyrics video for the Dream song "Mask".

  • they need to make the character fatter

    Sus ImposterSus ImposterAcum 23 secunde
  • I’d rather get a disease that eats me from the inside than watch this again

    CharlieSaysHello This part is annoyingCharlieSaysHello This part is annoyingAcum 41 secundă
  • :l :)

    겜러버gamelover겜러버gameloverAcum minut
  • A

    hamburgerhamburgerAcum 2 minute
  • So you're as good at making music as you are at getting away with submitting fake speedruns huh?

    skinflakeskinflakeAcum 2 minute
  • it's good

    Tadek RooijackersTadek RooijackersAcum 2 minute
  • This looks like if cocomelon made nursery rhymes for the “I'm 13 and this is deep” crowd

    SquidHunter_bobSquidHunter_bobAcum 3 minute
  • Mom can we watch Cocomelon nursery rymes? Mom no we have Cocomelon nursery rymes at home

    Marthy DoemarMarthy DoemarAcum 3 minute
  • i see the point now

    PANICK3RPANICK3RAcum 3 minute
  • Crap. Pure unadulterated crap

    NoHorse189NoHorse189Acum 3 minute
  • wow the animations tho

    Ziyad SadiqZiyad SadiqAcum 3 minute
  • ugly

    WingssdyWingssdyAcum 3 minute
  • This is so inspiring I just threw out all my medications

    theamazonprimeoffertodaytheamazonprimeoffertodayAcum 4 minute
  • Wut

    Mr_brownieMr_brownieAcum 4 minute
  • adporr este filpem

    Luis PonteLuis PonteAcum 4 minute
  • So brave of you to refuse to make good music 👌respect

    SlewpoSlewpoAcum 4 minute
  • I’d wear a mask if i looked that.

    Error SansError SansAcum 5 minute
  • Vocal: 7/10 Lyrics: 4/10 Instruments: 7/10 Animation: 2/10 ( its bad) Overall for music video: 4/10

    Bellatrix LestrangeBellatrix LestrangeAcum 5 minute
  • Why did dream hire Cocomelon for the animation??!

    Marthy DoemarMarthy DoemarAcum 6 minute
  • depressioned dream

    Sresht Sabu GladstonSresht Sabu GladstonAcum 7 minute
  • I want death

    Tohtori PingviiniTohtori PingviiniAcum 8 minute
  • Death relifies More than this

    Tohtori PingviiniTohtori PingviiniAcum 9 minute
  • This song is cheeks just like that. 😴

    Jose OrtizJose OrtizAcum 10 minute
  • Awww the song was amazing Dream! Dont let the others comments get you down 😊. Hopefully you see this someday

    Summer BlairSummer BlairAcum 11 minute
    • This song was gei

      trevor philipstrevor philipsAcum 10 minute
  • I came here to listen to this for the first time I stayed for the comments

    Angela [Angie]Angela [Angie]Acum 11 minute
  • white people

    zilonettezilonetteAcum 11 minute
  • “Mom can we have Pixar” Mom: “No sweetie we have Pixar at home” Pixar at home:

    Mr ToastMr ToastAcum 11 minute
  • People only like this because they like him and force themselves to like everything he does

    Bodda BoomBodda BoomAcum 12 minute
  • Mindcraft

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  • 20fps too lol

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  • N O R M A L P I L L S.

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    UselessCrapUselessCrapAcum 15 minute
  • This song was really cool! :D

    Ayyy What's Up!Ayyy What's Up!Acum 15 minute
    • No it wasn’t :D

      The one and Only crackheadThe one and Only crackheadAcum 6 minute
  • "normal pills" lmao

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  • His clothes have a life of their own.

    TheGoncas2TheGoncas2Acum 17 minute
  • Yes sir!

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  • This deadass look like the kid that transform into a water melon animation 💀💀

    F.B.IF.B.IAcum 19 minute

      Marthy DoemarMarthy DoemarAcum minut
  • They are trying the shirt on dream look real that it starts to have a seizure

    UselessCrapUselessCrapAcum 19 minute
  • Sooo what was the point of the mask?

    Zeldagamershadow37Zeldagamershadow37Acum 20 minute
  • Nice vid g

    Dripz ADripz AAcum 21 minut
  • Ben 10+dream=dream mask

    Chintha WeerasundaraChintha WeerasundaraAcum 21 minut
  • I'm REELING from the lack of FLOW

    Ana EvansAna EvansAcum 21 minut
  • I get it! If he gets glasses it will be hard to wear the mask

    Tiny MegazellTiny MegazellAcum 21 minut
  • drippy animationm

    jagojagoAcum 22 minute
  • 😊 smile

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  • I’m gonna kill myself

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    • Do a backflip

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  • this music video is indescribably bad

    AxyAxyAcum 24 minute
    • Indescreblitytisty * learn to spell *

      Marthy DoemarMarthy DoemarAcum 33 secunde
    • @Zrigga ever heard of forcing yourself to like something

      Bean ManBean ManAcum 8 minute
    • how does anyone like it lol

      ZriggaZriggaAcum 11 minute
  • Why does this look like one of those cars ripoffs that you would watch at school

    Just A FishJust A FishAcum 25 minute
  • Gay version better.

    CosoverheavenCosoverheavenAcum 26 minute
  • He's shirt is having a existential crisis

    KaFe is a thingKaFe is a thingAcum 26 minute
  • Never buy weed from the gas station

    Mak AttackMak AttackAcum 28 minute
  • Yo he shiny tho

    Mario meMario meAcum 28 minute
  • Oh my god I hate it

  • How does your teacher have the right to say you are failing but they spell "Mathematics" wrong

    GvGvAcum 28 minute
  • I guess the moral of the story is to not be dream

    CrazeK051CrazeK051Acum 29 minute
  • im high he he

    gucci_gamergucci_gamerAcum 29 minute
  • Dude, is it just me or that crap lyrics version sounds better than... whatever this version is?

    HüsnüHüsnüAcum 29 minute
  • ❤❤

    Tymbarkowa WikaqTymbarkowa WikaqAcum 30 minute
  • jesus theres like 200k people screaming about the animation while the song is about how you shouldnt take your meds

    gam gamgam gamAcum 31 minut
  • Thats gay

    Kitoo_ooKitoo_ooAcum 31 minut
  • Everybody gangsta until he reaches his bag

    PatrickPatrickAcum 31 minut
  • yeah i get that he has ADH and it may be hard but *”NORMAL PILLS”* got me like what kind of-

    LeroLeroDonutLeroLeroDonutAcum 32 minute
  • I like how his shirt is struggling to exist in that dimension

    marva slatermarva slaterAcum 32 minute
  • The Dude looks like he just Ran Away from Hello Neighbor

    Ink Dinierus 34Ink Dinierus 34Acum 32 minute
  • What🐿The🐿Hell🐿Boy🐿

    Jaydenfrexh1Jaydenfrexh1Acum 32 minute
  • Yyyeesssss

    Fuzzy bdFuzzy bdAcum 33 minute
  • I kind of feel bad for Dream about the backlash he has been getting, as funny and crazy as this sounds, he probably at least tried on this and sees people just meme it, but at the same time, you just... You are telling me this went through his head and he was okay with it?

    Ei_ChihuahuaEi_ChihuahuaAcum 33 minute
    • Idk he deserves it for writing a song about how you shouldn’t take ur meds, not to mention everything about this is repulsive

      The one and Only crackheadThe one and Only crackheadAcum 4 minute
  • He looks high

    DownTown SamDownTown SamAcum 33 minute
  • Why is he so greasy in this video? Why does the shirt not fit? What is this

    Tony PepperoniTony PepperoniAcum 34 minute
  • Thans you for this banger

    Robbert DRobbert DAcum 35 minute
  • this is so dumb

  • awesome keep going my guy

    Crazy Jack Plays liveCrazy Jack Plays liveAcum 36 minute
    • Please don’t encourage him 😃

      The one and Only crackheadThe one and Only crackheadAcum 4 minute
  • Played this at my friend’s funeral. He woke up, walked over to the speaker, and unplugged it! Thanks so much Dream! 🙏

    SplendidSplendidAcum 36 minute
    • XD moment

      Camilo FiorettaCamilo FiorettaAcum 14 minute
    • That is funny

      meme manmeme manAcum 14 minute
    • Stfu

    • X3

      THE SOLDIER of cumTHE SOLDIER of cumAcum 15 minute
    • XD

      0skar0skarAcum 35 minute
  • better than bloodhails

    Juan RuartezJuan RuartezAcum 37 minute
  • this song could really be worse icl, y’all overreacting

    ViridiViridiAcum 37 minute
    • exactly, people are so dramatic

      誠Acum 22 minute
    • No it can't be worse

      Tony PepperoniTony PepperoniAcum 33 minute
  • The animation looks like a nursery rhyme without sound

    Itz MashiroItz MashiroAcum 37 minute
  • shat

    Brittany PackBrittany PackAcum 37 minute
  • Dream looks like one of those low quality free models you would find at those ROlabel Kids videos

    UselessCrapUselessCrapAcum 39 minute
  • I've never wanted to load a gun this much

    ABoilingKetlABoilingKetlAcum 40 minute
    • I just want to unload it in my head

      F.B.IF.B.IAcum 36 minute
  • this is the worst thing i have ever heard. like it's not even a song it's that bad.

    Blue DuoBlue DuoAcum 40 minute
    • FAX

      PenguinPenguinAcum 30 minute

      Filip StudzinskiFilip StudzinskiAcum 39 minute
  • Why am I watching this

    Jacob likes PotatoesJacob likes PotatoesAcum 40 minute
  • Si ben 10 grow up to be a mincraft youtuber

    StellarKnightStellarKnightAcum 41 minut
  • This is some weird animation my guy

    ₜᵢₙfₒᵢₗₜₕₑₒᵣᵢₛₜₜᵢₙfₒᵢₗₜₕₑₒᵣᵢₛₜAcum 41 minut

    IbukiIbukiAcum 43 minute
  • Are the animators the same guys that made “Globglogabgalab”???

    H Z OH Z OAcum 43 minute
    • Hmmm splendid! Simply delicious!

      NintendifyNintendifyAcum 30 minute

      F.B.IF.B.IAcum 35 minute
  • Theres no way there was multiple animators working on this

    Diego WilliamsDiego WilliamsAcum 43 minute
    • well 3D animation is actually not that easy..

      誠Acum 21 minut
  • Look at 0:45 at 0.25 speed...

    A can of beansA can of beansAcum 44 minute
  • LMAO what is this

    Nothing MuchNothing MuchAcum 45 minute
  • This animation looks like it was on a 15$ budget BUT then a 9 year old animated it THEN a “ depressed “ 12 year old made the lyrics.

    Ḫ̵́3̶̒͜ļ̴̚l̷͈͑o̸̝̓_̵̯́h̸͒͜ȁ̴̦l̶̩̓0̴̝̄Ḫ̵́3̶̒͜ļ̴̚l̷͈͑o̸̝̓_̵̯́h̸͒͜ȁ̴̦l̶̩̓0̴̝̄Acum 45 minute
    • That's true

      Mushroom FroggyMushroom FroggyAcum 33 minute
  • Please dont throw out your antidepressants, kids.

    Emma ChaseEmma ChaseAcum 46 minute
    • Normal pills*

      AuraBoiAuraBoiAcum 5 minute
  • wow what a song

    Daniel Miller KaiserDaniel Miller KaiserAcum 48 minute
  • im gonna kms after this , what a mess

    WestWasTakenWestWasTakenAcum 48 minute
    • Hah

  • This makes me want to go back in time when sad bart edits

    L CoondaL CoondaAcum 50 minute
  • you are NOT NORMAL

    citrus meatcitrus meatAcum 50 minute
  • Even cocomelon does better animation

    That One GuyThat One GuyAcum 50 minute
  • Is this the new cocomelon crossover?

    doritosdoritosAcum 50 minute
  • The downfall of dream

    Fer VillalonFer VillalonAcum 51 minut