Fluffy Meets the Terminator | Gabriel Iglesias

18 feb. 2021
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Happy throwback Thursday!

  • Your mimic is great man, love from lebanon 💖

    Tony KhouryTony KhouryAcum 10 ore
  • Love me some Arnold

    Adam TempleAdam TempleAcum 18 ore
  • Lmao, imagine Fluffy waiting in line. Then sits on Arnold’s lap.

    SevenOfBillieSevenOfBillieAcum 2 Zile
  • Click bait?!?!? Same video as the 6/25/20 but under a different title. What's up with that??

    theresa shooktheresa shookAcum 6 Zile
  • I wonder if he actually gave him his contact info

    Rachel SoteloRachel SoteloAcum 7 Zile
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    rod srod sAcum 14 Zile
  • Two people meet to say "you're the most entertaining person ive ever seen on a screen"

    AmbipieAmbipieAcum lună
  • *you've never met Arnie?*

    AmbipieAmbipieAcum lună
  • It's not a tuma!

    Christian ParrishChristian ParrishAcum lună
  • "You are hysterical. Give me your contact information. You are the funniest person- 'Scuse me. How are you? Nice to meet you. You so strong." "HEY!!!!!"

    ViceN53XViceN53XAcum lună
  • He is a good Dad to all his Boys and Girls, especially those that are Grand now, You get.

    Ron WadeRon WadeAcum lună
  • Terminator is also one of my favorite movies to.😂

    Richard McCoyRichard McCoyAcum lună
  • Love from lebanon ❤️

    Tony KhouryTony KhouryAcum lună
  • Every time fluffy shouts "hey". It cracks me up?! 😂

    Joshua TVJoshua TVAcum lună
  • I still cant find that joke about an indain robing a bank but he cant cause their making fun of him

    Mixed_Emotions_69-96Mixed_Emotions_69-96Acum lună
  • Sufudyo

    EMC_gamesEMC_gamesAcum lună
  • 1:51 naw i disagree meeting snoop would be better

    pingleymyjingleypingleymyjingleyAcum lună
  • This is an old comedy bit,, lol very old comedy bit. This was Gabe (Fluffy) Inglesias before today's time.

    Black Crystal DragoonBlack Crystal DragoonAcum lună
  • 4:27 he knows me! 🤣🤣

    Jesus ChavezJesus ChavezAcum lună
  • Hey Fluffy. I just LOVE your shirts. I'm a huge Hawaiian shirt Fan myself. Where do you buy them if I may ask. Is it a special store or online???

    Marine RaiderMarine RaiderAcum lună
  • 2:18 Arnold Schwarzenegger 🤣

    Jesus ChavezJesus ChavezAcum lună
  • 1:21 Yes 🤣🤣

    Jesus ChavezJesus ChavezAcum lună
  • 1:05 his Reaction with Arnold Schwarzenegger 🤣🤣

    Jesus ChavezJesus ChavezAcum lună
  • Oii fluffy....tell another joke.. watched this one again and again..

    Boy RagnarokBoy RagnarokAcum lună
  • why do you re upload so much

    SaarthakSaarthakAcum lună
  • Just love your stuff fluffy God bless you and your family be safe

    Barbara WheelerBarbara WheelerAcum lună
  • Yeah.

    2neilas2neilasAcum lună
  • I really hate that 99% of your videos are just short skits. I want to listen to something longer then 6 mins. Maybe 15-30mins.

    EpiilogueEpiilogueAcum lună
  • Man I wish I could meet fluffy one day

    Johnny LawrenceJohnny LawrenceAcum lună
  • Good god Fluffy can tell a story. 👍👍

    keysto Hamiltonkeysto HamiltonAcum lună
  • "Don't worry Fluffy. I have to greet others, but for you 'I'll be back'."

    tenhirankeitenhirankeiAcum lună
  • Please come to Australia

    KB Guthrie HomesKB Guthrie HomesAcum lună
  • Lmao, It had slipped my mind that my absolute favorite Fluffy Joke was the one The Terminator loves too !!! 🤟🏻

    SgtShadow666SgtShadow666Acum lună
  • The ill-fated kidney conversely prevent because sing critically peck onto a pretty move. hard, amuck stick

    Karen MorganKaren MorganAcum lună
  • hahahahahaha !!!

    A NA NAcum lună
  • Seen it already. I’m just gonna unsubscribe, no new content

    Dynasty StarDynasty StarAcum lună
  • I love him sooo much, Gabriel that is!

    Ashley FrigstadAshley FrigstadAcum lună
  • Ha ha ha 😂😂😂😂

    PHoRs- H2PHoRs- H2Acum lună
  • Fluffy-you do the best Mexican Arnold Schwarzenegger impression I've ever heard and seen 👍💕

    Jennifer RigginsJennifer RigginsAcum lună
  • Fluffy why are you uploading the same video Just do a gameing channel I like the funny’s person right now

    pac cat64pac cat64Acum lună
  • 🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼..

    Grammy BearGrammy BearAcum lună
  • This is a re-upload !!!, just why ???

    Freezing FrostFreezing FrostAcum lună
  • Fluffy.. You give me an inspiration..😄

    Mr. Joe AlfarezelMr. Joe AlfarezelAcum lună
  • Turn to Jesus. Repent and spread Gods word. He loves you and always will. God bless and have a blessed day

    NestorNestorAcum lună
  • Happy throwback Thursday

    Rufo BarrigaRufo BarrigaAcum lună
  • I just watched this Special, for the third or forth time!!! LOVE YOU FLUFFY!!!!

    S PS PAcum lună
  • Can't believe this guy still living. I can actually see the cholesterol in his veins.

    Chipy HidaChipy HidaAcum lună
  • I've meet him before once ,I want to meet you FLUFFY,

    Bobby MizerBobby MizerAcum lună
  • Lmao the handler interrupting gabes meet xD

    SinsanatisSinsanatisAcum lună
  • Anyone have the clip of the Australian GPS saying "Good Luck" at the intersection ????

    john smithjohn smithAcum lună
  • Joe Biden's grip is slightly weaker than Arnold's. However, they say he makes you feel important, especially if you are quite young...

    * Mako ** Mako *Acum lună
    • Oh come on Did you *have* to turn it political

      MCMaster564 The AwesomeMCMaster564 The AwesomeAcum lună
    • Like Epstein???

      John DoeJohn DoeAcum lună
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    adad reradad rerAcum lună
    • Looks like this russian bot's on the fritz...

      Narrator007Narrator007Acum lună
  • I love this guy he cracks me up

    Kristina CarltonKristina CarltonAcum lună
  • Watching Fluffy's throwbacks is like a really good roller coaster: You wanna go back and watch them one more time.

    Red TRed TAcum lună
    • I see what you did there, that's awesome and accurate lol

      JedipoodooJedipoodooAcum lună
  • I'm jealous. i wanna meet a cyborg assassin who is sent back in time to kill Sarah, a waitress, in a bid to stop her son who will wage a long war against his enemy in the future unless the course of history is altered! Not fair...

    mjzudbamjzudbaAcum lună
  • I was just rewatching _Dark Fate_ yesterday. I swear the universe loves nothing more than these small ironies.

    Deadpool: Regenerate DegenerateDeadpool: Regenerate DegenerateAcum lună
  • He really does the best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression!

    Tammy Truth outTammy Truth outAcum lună
  • The amount of time he said the n word with the hard r in this video 😳

    Mansa SPXMansa SPXAcum lună
  • I still don't know whether or not Chris Pratt is happy that Arnold's his father-in-law now.

    David EbertDavid EbertAcum lună
    • @tenhirankei and you wont be back...

      alphaxfangalphaxfangAcum lună
    • Arnold to Chris - You did the "till death do us part" in the vows", right? I want you to take that seriously. You won't be getting a divorce from my daughter. If you want to split up, there's only one way.

      tenhirankeitenhirankeiAcum lună
    • Wait what?

      Aliasger ChunaAliasger ChunaAcum lună
  • long live mama fluffy

    johnny angeljohnny angelAcum lună
  • I've never heard him tell this joke about the Indian bank robber. Does anybody know where I can find it?

    Odysseus RexOdysseus RexAcum lună
    • @NSKolazar Hey! Thank you very much. That is what I call prompt service. ;-)

      Odysseus RexOdysseus RexAcum lună
    • Here you go bud: rolabel.info/door/uKuQz5nFoLWebaA/video.html

      NSKolazarNSKolazarAcum lună
  • Re uploaded??

    Priyanshu SinghPriyanshu SinghAcum lună
  • I would love to meet Arnold... he's my childhood hero as well.

  • exactly!!! terminator: put your hands in the air. Me: 'scuse me, sir. I would like some clarification, on WHAT THE HELL!? WHY TALK TO ME!? IT'S NOT WORTH TI! I'M NOT WORTH FRICKIN MEETING YOU GOOD SIR! Arnold: you sure bout that? HOOOOOO, you buff.

    CrmsnWariurCrmsnWariurAcum lună
  • That was very weak cheer for Arnold, i guess he is more of a star in Russia than in US xD

    Vladimir MakarovVladimir MakarovAcum lună
  • I really think that you are the funniest person alive and I hope to one day go to one of your shows

    Genny GelbhaarGenny GelbhaarAcum lună
  • 4:43 Wait... where are you hiding Kevin Hart?

    Rogue R34P3RRogue R34P3RAcum lună
    • my thoughts exactly

      KevinKevinAcum 6 ore
  • Fun Fact : Arnold is watching this

    Domasin KujurDomasin KujurAcum lună
  • 😆 Thats Hallarious.

    Sky WatcherSky WatcherAcum lună
  • Robot ! Lol

    Robb GRobb GAcum lună
  • I thinks that's an old video uploaded again.

    Imran AfzalImran AfzalAcum lună
  • I think i have seen it before😓but i am still laughing...👌😂😂😂

    Aditya ChauhanAditya ChauhanAcum lună
  • Damn 😂

    Nikunj SagarNikunj SagarAcum lună
  • Big guys love bigger guys. For example:- Fluffy loving Arnold. (BOTH BY PHYSICAL AND STATUS ASPECT)

    Tamseel Ahmed SiddiquiTamseel Ahmed SiddiquiAcum lună
  • Re-upload why?

    Shan RamavatShan RamavatAcum lună
  • Re-upload? 🤔

    REDX psychoREDX psychoAcum lună
  • Good morning fluffy 😀🌅 you bring me happiness and make me laugh out loud so thank you.

    Nina MarieNina MarieAcum lună
  • Man I always here the song panda when he goes “pound pound pound”

    Draco_HeatDraco_HeatAcum lună
    • Safe here hhhhh

      Iron ShieldIron ShieldAcum lună
    • Now its stuck in my head lol

      Dakota MartinDakota MartinAcum lună
    • Hopefully you might check out my stupid comedy videos. 🤔🤔🤔 I promise you will laugh 🙌🙌🙌

      StupiderWithABStupiderWithABAcum lună
    • did so too lol

      Pablo LassoPablo LassoAcum lună
  • Shaq approves Schwarzenegger

    ༺NoSc0pe༻༺NoSc0pe༻Acum lună
  • Hi fluffy Love from India ❤️😍😍

    Mudit TandonMudit TandonAcum lună
  • I agree, he is amazing. I wish I just could easily meet him

    TalaIsDarkerTalaIsDarkerAcum lună
  • So, Arnold is actually fluffy friendly

    Roshini JayanRoshini JayanAcum lună
    • Two completely different sides, who do you wanna be built like?

      SevenOfBillieSevenOfBillieAcum 2 Zile
    • "Sturdy friendly" maybe?

      Son Nguyen DucSon Nguyen DucAcum lună
  • Fluffy is my favorite my go to laugh moments

    Michael AlexanderMichael AlexanderAcum lună
  • Big guy you already uploaded this video

    Yashwardhan MathurYashwardhan MathurAcum lună
  • 1:12 the sarcasm was enough to make u go ahhh

    Zain AhmedZain AhmedAcum lună
  • #FUFFY

    Random ChanelRandom ChanelAcum lună
  • How did Arnold reach your hand, Gabriel ?

    Rahul RavishankarRahul RavishankarAcum lună
  • I love Fluffy so much, I listen him at school with my headphones. One time, I thought my headphones were plugged and then everyone heard it. My teacher was confused. Everyone was laughing in their heads I bet. I was scared but luckily she let off the hook. I hoped she knew who Fluffy was

    TripleDubs_1017TripleDubs_1017Acum lună
    • Hopefully you might check out my stupid comedy videos. 🤔🤔🤔 I promise you will laugh 🙌🙌🙌

      StupiderWithABStupiderWithABAcum lună
    • lol

      JaydenJaydenAcum lună
  • Yo yo yo

  • Good Morning My Good Bro Gabriel Iglesias AKA Fluffy & God Bless You

    Timbo WhiteTimbo WhiteAcum lună
  • Cool 😎

    Godzilla Stop motionGodzilla Stop motionAcum lună
  • Cool 😎

    Godzilla Stop motionGodzilla Stop motionAcum lună
  • Gabriel: My childhood hero is Arnold Schwarzenegger Me: My childhood hero is Mr bean

    Tiziano CogoTiziano CogoAcum lună
    • @Genetic Vector nah

      Tiziano CogoTiziano CogoAcum 7 ore
    • Cuz you're from UK right???

      Genetic VectorGenetic VectorAcum 13 ore
    • @StupiderWithAB well, they are stupid ..funny.... I don't think so

      Ishaan NagIshaan NagAcum lună
    • Mines family guy. But the og ones that had less bad words and poor quality but was funny

      zrecticzrecticAcum lună
    • Hopefully you might check out my stupid comedy videos. 🤔🤔🤔 I promise you will laugh 🙌🙌🙌

      StupiderWithABStupiderWithABAcum lună
  • Now i really want a new one stop this old ones

    Ritu BhallaRitu BhallaAcum lună
    • @Ritu Bhalla yet you're still here watching a free video and complaining, saying you want a new one instead.

      Lucky BaldwinLucky BaldwinAcum lună
    • @Lucky Baldwin i never used the word free 😏

      Ritu BhallaRitu BhallaAcum lună
    • You want new material for free? Good luck with that one.

      Lucky BaldwinLucky BaldwinAcum lună
  • This was really nice and great observation buddy😉❤️

    Ashish Mani TripathiAshish Mani TripathiAcum lună
  • It's his voice impressions that are the best

    The Kraken BoWsThe Kraken BoWsAcum lună
    • i like the police voice “hey fluffy, this is the police. we have you surrounded.”

      SevenOfBillieSevenOfBillieAcum 2 Zile
    • Hopefully you might check out my stupid comedy videos. 🤔🤔🤔 I promise you will laugh 🙌🙌🙌

      StupiderWithABStupiderWithABAcum lună
    • @timmmahhhh yeah his oh my god is great lol

      The Kraken BoWsThe Kraken BoWsAcum lună
    • At the end of his older videos he would be doing what sounded like Roseanne and I assumed it was her. The first time I heard Fluffy do his girl voices I lost it and just about repeated the same "oh my God!"

      timmmahhhhtimmmahhhhAcum lună
    • Very true!!

      Garvit MandhaniGarvit MandhaniAcum lună
  • Grande Gabriel Iglesias, eres imparable

    J GJ GAcum lună
  • hi fluffy

    Sophia GonzalezSophia GonzalezAcum lună
  • Fluffy is one of those guys that his stories are not funny but actually funny at the same time🤣🤣😂😂

    Complex GamerComplex GamerAcum lună
    • It's all about the delivery

      Narrator007Narrator007Acum lună
  • it says their is 4 views, but 180 likes, How is this possible?

    Jack Danes Jr.Jack Danes Jr.Acum lună