“No one wants a waist over nine inches” || GC meme || Kingdom AU || TW - talking about body

28 mar. 2021
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  • Remember that if you are using a corset in real life make sure to use it correctly, otherwise it could lead to injuries

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    • *me who never wore a corset or even saw it in my country :* yea I am good going with comfy clothes better :D-

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    • @᯽_xx Lᴇᴏᴘᴀʀᴅ xx_᯽ I uh- weren’t they used to be like bras back then- cause they didn’t have bras or smth

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    • Hi

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    • @LemeQ ur so inspiring 🤧

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    • @LemeQ what app did u use-

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  • No you are Beautiful the way you are

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  • 😌💅✨

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  • that animation is so cool!

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  • :o

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  • əş tø

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  • You ar so cool i dont now you ar nas 😅

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  • When mom calls you for dinner and everthing is ready: 0:13

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  • Cani just say that because of this I kept thinking of ciel in a corset from black butler 😂🤣😅

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  • اوفففف خمس مليون🤡

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  • fietr Gachu Top you

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  • auch that ade hurt how ugly if there were princesses to hurt cannon😝 

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  • UwU

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  • It’s so smooth! But also, when did being a theatre kid become a trend?-

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  • Wooow!

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  • Wow sa doit fair mal quent on saire fort wow au mon dieux moi je maitré pas se truc là 😐😐😐

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  • Omg 5M congratulations

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  • Yesterday istg it was 3 ml now it’s 5 JAJAJ GJ

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  • smile through the pain...

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  • 0:12 : Obey Me! Mammon, Lucifer Û-Û

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  • meanwhile all the princes: *your neck is too short-*

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  • This Needs 1M Dislikes

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    • Bruh-

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  • This is amazing! I love this so much I can’t stop clicking replay!

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  • :0

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  • I can't express how good this is sissssss

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  • Em why would she do that she was still perfect

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  • Oh

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  • سكيوت😀😍😎😲

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  • Edit is amazing!!!!!

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  • Her face at the end looks... evil- i dont trust that lady-

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  • I loved ❤️

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  • I love how SIX the musical when it first came out wasn’t as popular but now it’s super popular because of this meme-

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  • oh god that must hurt im not doing that- on wait let me try it!

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  • ...Will it be? You bring the corsets We'll bring the cinches No one wants a waist over nine inches So what the make up contains lead poison? At least your complexion will bring all the boys in

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  • Oh wow

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  • They really like to have that v in the beginning which makes me think they have a german accent

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  • Aww man Nice video

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  • COS

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  • This is the start of the series! Just noticed

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  • Bakugo mom ?!

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    • LOL

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  • That's the best of this trend I saw

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  • Look at my first video

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  • يع

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  • She’s pretty sus with that look 😳

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  • Congarats on having 7.1 million views in 1 week😄

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  • This is off tt-

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  • I saw this on tik tok idk why

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    • Sim

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  • sKiNnY

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  • ;-; too cute =^='

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  • •.•

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  • Uuh- I still haven't figured out how to make a skit in gacha club and I've been using it ever since it came out can someone help-

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  • Diz is bootiful but- I only has 25 subs and I have 32 views on my first video o.o

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  • I literally stan the person who sang this

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  • Not me standing here with 13 subscribers wondering how ill get more people to enjoy my videos

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  • This is so Bad

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    • @Lavenderラベンダー I just think it's bad.

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    • @Pink ball you can express yourself the way you want as long as it's not rude.

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    • @Lavenderラベンダー Ands it's my opinion I think it's bad.

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    • @Lavenderラベンダー Lmfao I did.

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    • If you didn't like it you could just press the dislike button and leace honey. We don't want your hate here.

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  • Ok, but this is so underrated, This is the best one I think I've ever seen 🤯❤ Amazing job!!

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  • Why am I laughing- about the title- Because my mind is just- remembering about the royal high🤣

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  • My friends keep singing this in gym class and the way they use the accent is awesome

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  • i felt bad for her at first- I thought she was self conscious about herself- *BUT NOPE.*

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  • Можно пожалуйста перевод

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  • Me: wondering if she is the origin of all trends

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  • I'm from poland

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  • How do ya'll do that animation?

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  • No one wants a waits over

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  • it’s so smooth I’m mad

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  • WOULDNT THAT HURT?🤨-roses are red violets are blue I commented so late idk why I wanted to😌

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  • Me tiny waisted fool: i can say, that it is really not that speciala nd that this is torture. The meme was really smooth though well done!

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  • Q

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  • what is he planning

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  • Bro this is so cute-

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  • Damn Smooth

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  • Me who wears a corset every night cuz its comfortable 🕳️🏃‍♀️

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  • finally a one where the maid ain’t evil

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  • 4,9 million wtf 😳

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  • *0:06** Dat face though*

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  • Smoother than my skin 😌

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  • Faz um mini filme OwO pfv

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  • 4.8M people: *interesting..*

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  • Aparently there are special corsets that actually keep young kids from hurting themselves, I don't know what they're called, because I'm dumb :') They need to have it tightened by a professional though, if normal adults do it, there's quite alotta chance they'll break the children's ribs.

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  • Hi! Could you do a tutorial on how to make this vid? Btw I’m subbed.

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  • Somebody copied this meme but in Spanish so other people could understand it I forgot the channel but whoever did thanks

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    • Did they give credit?

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  • Lo habri por error y me dieron 3 tipos de cáncer y sida en el ano ayuda

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  • I have been looking for a full version of this without the “SKINNY”, this is amazing btw!

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  • Why does this meme remind me of when willam from Rupauls drag race (SPOILER WARNING) Threw up on stage because she had a 24 inch waist because of a corset

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  • I love it but i didnt know the meaning of the meme😄😙

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  • Não foi ela q fez e vi isso no tiktok

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  • Can someone explain what’s going on

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  • But- like nobody wore corsets over a dress You put the dress over it I believe *PLEASE CORRECT ME IF WRONG*

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  • Not gonna lie idk if you have tik tok and posted it on there i didnt think you had tik tok cause the name of the person kinda wasnt like this but I think someone from tik tok like copied this or like stole it caise it looked so simaller to this-

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    • @LemeQ idk I think they mights have made somthing exactly like it like it looked almost exactly like yours but without the wayermarks and stuff

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    • I don’t have TikTok 👀🤚

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  • WOW

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  • Na minha época era só print :0

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  • Why does the maid look like female Liam

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  • Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Hi

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  • Did you create this?😱

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  • Everytime i see this vid i always click on it-

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