Xiaomi Mi 11 Flagship Smartphone Unboxing (Press Kit) + Snapdragon 888 gameplay

18 feb. 2021
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Unboxing review of new Xiaomi Mi 11 5G smartphone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. Europe and China Edition phones. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, UNO, Minecraft, PUBG Mobile, Fortnite Battle Royale and Call of Duty Mobile gameplay. This press kit review unit was provided by Xiaomi (not sponsored)
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  • If the person is female

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  • The miui has that lag feeling. Oxygen os is the best..

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  • How you ask to send these samples?

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  • Have anyone found what type of glove he buys?

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  • Hi

  • Lol! Today my family gifted me a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + In Aura Black! I loved

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  • Why this MI is creating phones with 1,2,3,.....10,11 numbers. Can't they give some other name. All manufactures like oppo ,vivo, mi are doing same thing. Fedup of these phones. Can't any other company bring some cute smaller size mobiles. Mobiles must be mobiles not tabs with large size screen. A mobile phone must be compact in size and easily carriable in pocket not big as tabs.

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  • hahaha the dude put his finger on the fingerprint with his gloves...damn

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  • Meanwhile:my phone is so lag

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  • You playing the gameing

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  • Hi

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  • Price plz

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