Alpine’s confusing start as an F1 team explained

14 ian. 2021
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The F1 team formerly known as Renault has now officially relaunched as Alpine, but there are still a few unanswered questions with just a couple of months to go until the team will hit the track for pre-season testing. In this video Scott Mitchell looks at the team's preparations, and assesses if its incomplete management shake-up risks repeating some old Renault mistakes and will have a negative effect on the team.
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  • I'm hoping to see one of the Volkswagen group join the sport. Either as a works team or as an engine supplier for Red Bull post-2025. Audi or Porsche most likely, but Lamborghini and Bugatti would be interesting too.

    blkmamba824blkmamba824Acum 11 Zile
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    Ronald RiceRonald RiceAcum 12 Zile
  • Bad review of the team, you could be more objective.

    Vasja LesjakVasja LesjakAcum 15 Zile
  • All I hear is French people doing French things, Jeanne d'Arc is the only good French

    Mawile #303Mawile #303Acum 21 o Zi
  • 3:10 Even Renault uses McLaren stuff hahaha

    World RaceWorld RaceAcum 24 Zile
  • take the black and replace it with the iconic alpine blue and you'll have the livery for the races.

    marcossonicracermarcossonicracerAcum 27 Zile
  • Renault are still building for the 2022 and still there so much to do

    Madnessisfame SibaMadnessisfame SibaAcum 27 Zile
  • Is the British press already scared, thus spreading nonsensical bull****?

    J PJ PAcum 28 Zile
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    Evan OukEvan OukAcum 28 Zile
  • You should rename the channel SpeculationMaster69. Jesus! 1st Lewis, then Checo, RP and now this. Just go enjoy your nan's pie.

    NKNKAcum lună
  • all of this is an indication that whatever alonso touches quickly turns into kaka. it happened at ferrari, then honda mclaren and now will happen to Alpine renault.

    Ba SBa SAcum lună
  • Alpine is currently very generic, so much so, when i saw a graphic from f1 twitter i had no idea why a big "A" that looked like it was mode in paint by a half drunk marketing student was on it

    kingfrederikkingfrederikAcum lună
  • Oh please don't tell me that's the paint job they're going for it looks pretty bland compared to Renault's Yellow

    Ciaran McGuinnessCiaran McGuinnessAcum lună
  • So what, who’s business is it anyway apart from the teams. So fed up of speculation these days, let them get the feck on with it and then dissect after the fact!

    Geoff CrabtreeGeoff CrabtreeAcum lună
  • Where is Alain Prost?

    Senna SenninaSenna SenninaAcum lună
  • Dan Rick is probably sleeping well at night following his decision.

    Arthur SanFilippoArthur SanFilippoAcum lună
  • I was hoping they might use that brilliant metallic blue colour used on the Alpine A110 I think that would look much better than this dull scheme.

    Graham SivillGraham SivillAcum lună
  • He’s really funny.

    kolim jonekolim joneAcum lună
  • I think its pronounced El Pine

    Herschelle BentingHerschelle BentingAcum lună
  • Cyril didn't get the tattoo so he got the boot lol 🤣 but getting rid of him was the best thing Renault done after signing Alonso

    VinnyVinnyAcum lună
  • It seems to be really easy to confuse you, The Race.

    Deep SteepDeep SteepAcum lună
  • 1:08 signer was wildin’ Wonder what she was translating lol

    Machine Spirit MiamiMachine Spirit MiamiAcum lună
  • ALPEEEEEEN If they’re gonna insist on pronouncing it like that i just wish it was spelled Alpeen instead of Alpine lol. But maybe that the french pronunciation dunno

    Machine Spirit MiamiMachine Spirit MiamiAcum lună
    • He’s really funny.

      kolim jonekolim joneAcum lună
  • You didn't provide a single answer to any of your questions. The point of this video again is ?

    APM MAPM MAcum lună
  • Looks like someone else knows Teflonso is a back-stabbing tosser and doesn't want ANYTHING to do with the slimey little prick!

    Koito robKoito robAcum lună
  • Haas 2.0?

    Bill WeeksBill WeeksAcum lună
  • Renault is in panic mode.. they are bleeding to death. The F1 team not so much so, the car maker side is holding the reigns.

    Duncan CunninghamDuncan CunninghamAcum lună
  • snowboard mountain climbing ski compagny ,in F1 wil lbe interesting

    ZeiksNXZeiksNXAcum lună
    • I swear hes the cutest thing ever

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyAcum lună
  • Seemed as if you were running out of video ideas and created this. Absolutely no substance to it and I feel you are reading too much into the lack of PR here.

    Kaustubh NawadeKaustubh NawadeAcum lună
    • it would be so funny... ??

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyAcum lună
  • So is the alpine changes putting Renault back at some year zero stage? If so perhaps it makes sense why Ricciardo left, he wants a team that is on firmer footing as his chance for a title is getting slimmer with each year

    divinuminfernumdivinuminfernumAcum lună
  • Why are they scrimping on the blue in their livery? It should be equal to or greater than the red. After all, Blue was once the French racing color. (colour for you Brits.)

    Murray WagnonMurray WagnonAcum lună
  • Your voice is monotonous

    Mark WrightMark WrightAcum lună
  • What livery? 😂

    Mike MiceliMike MiceliAcum lună
  • Flavio must be watching this and thinking "What da fuck?".

    LeeyatapweeLeeyatapweeAcum lună
  • The Alpine name is being used so if it goes tits up everyone involved can turn their backs and state that Alpine has nothing to do with Renault . Nothing to see here folks still buy our cars, pretty please :P This is the equivalent of Mercedes calling there team Maybach or Ferrari changing its brand to Maserati. It suggests to me that Renault are giving it one last shot before quitting F1 again and don't want any possible bad publicity sticking to the Renault brand.

    jon belljon bellAcum lună
  • To much unanswered questions so short before start of the season, I would say....( I love the new name, by the way.....)

    Mark WijnenMark WijnenAcum lună
  • Please, stop with the clickbaitey, lazy journalism. 7mins explaining nothing at all. Stop trying to creative narrative, and just report on facts. F1 Buzzfeed.

    Olly LarkinOlly LarkinAcum lună
  • What a load of marketing bollocks. Renault's F1 heritage thrown in the bin all in the name of "progress". Not that Alpine has never had success in Motorsport, but Renault always competed in F1 as Renault.

    PygmalionPygmalionAcum lună
  • As soon as things get tough, Renault leave F1. Not helping debunk those stereotypes.

    Toni SiretToni SiretAcum lună
  • This poorly executed transition is very ‘on brand’ for the current Renault program.

    T BZT BZAcum lună
  • The new livery looks underwhelming, that's all i'm gonna say for now.

    The Anime BoxThe Anime BoxAcum lună
  • Blue is better than black livery( it may be) 💙💙💙

    Patapati SakunthalaPatapati SakunthalaAcum lună
  • ROlabel, stop putting Spanish ads in my videos. I dont speak it nor do I wanna advertisement, let alone one I cant understand. Your algorithm is broken. Also I know it wont change as you're part of the evil tech censorship ruining this country. Get you money though right, cause that's what matters

    negativesquirelnegativesquirelAcum lună
  • Two days later, everything is revealed. Nice timing on this video ha ha

    CapHowdyCapHowdyAcum lună
  • The arrogance is so typical of this company. Yeah sure they got this under control.

    RudedogRudedogAcum lună
  • Didnt know Alpine was pronounced like that

    Jules MercierJules MercierAcum lună
  • Love you videos???

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyAcum lună
  • they waited to dump abitabullshit till the coming of suzuki man was 100% whats the mystery here 4 eyes?

    meetmeat24hrfitnessmeetmeat24hrfitnessAcum lună
  • To me, this further reinforces that Renault is not long in F1. They have opted with Alonso instead of cultivating talent from their development program. They no longer provide engines to any of the teams. They have axed leadership. The rebrand is essentially a soft withdrawl of the Renault name from the sport. Renault the company is likely feeling the pinch that the economy is imposing on their major stakeholder, the French government. They want to allocate the remaining resources they DO have more judiciously, and that means involvement in Formula-E and the like to promote their electric car investments. Alpine the brand is also likely a short-lived product, unless they decide to make that electric as well further down the road. There isn't much of a financial case to be made these days for ICE performance cars.

    Dan CapostagnoDan CapostagnoAcum lună
  • Alonso once again wrong place wrong time ...

    mdark14mdark14Acum lună
    • Alpine will be company of alfa romeu, Hass and Williams at the bottom of the field? 🤔

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyAcum lună
  • This team is actually my least favorite in F1. It was different when Nico or Daniel have been there, but with Alonso and Ocon, there is realy nothing I like about it. The livery looks pathetic. The whole team-principle trouble is a joke. Renault is not showing the absolute desire, that is nessecary, to be successful. I don't see a straight plan going on there. They're hirering and releaving people with no real thought. They had Carlos and Daniel, two of the best drivers in the field, and let them go. They were Lotus and then switched to Renault and now they want to be Alpine. What does this team stand for? Its and absolute mess, and it indicates, that my prediction, when they announced Alonsos return, is coming true. They will have a very bad season. I don't mind, I don't care about them. But for the sport, I hope I'm wrong, and they surprise me. But I'm not very hopeful...

    Ukulele ProductionsUkulele ProductionsAcum lună
  • Brivo has finally been confirmed this morning

    StriderStriderAcum lună
  • we know that Mercedes will be 2021 champion and redbull will be 2nd..this rubbish leadership crap will destroy Renault before the season start..

    Aden AdiputraAden AdiputraAcum lună
  • Looks like Alpine's engine stalled.

    ProtoRetroProtoRetroAcum lună
  • Why are you copying Rimac Automobili for logo?

    domba 727domba 727Acum lună
  • So this will have the best audio system of the lot.

    pvtj0ckerpvtj0ckerAcum lună
  • Livery has too many French flags for my taste.

    Pablo IzurietaPablo IzurietaAcum lună
  • La patience est un plat qui se mange sans sauce!

    Ribbit After MeRibbit After MeAcum lună
  • trying to remember the last year that F1 wasn't a borefest. Probably 2016

    AntAntAcum lună
  • I know it's rude, but the lady signing @1:09 cracked me up

    Andre GardentiAndre GardentiAcum lună
  • Still do not get why they are labeling this Alpine...F1 is the top motorsport series and Renault going away from the limelight to be '' only " the engine supplier again?

    Pierre TétreauPierre TétreauAcum lună
  • I saw a few concept liveries for the Alpine from different designers, they were all way better than this poor attempt.

    Jeff NoroxJeff NoroxAcum lună
  • alpeeeeeeen

    frank donatellifrank donatelliAcum lună
  • why does everything have to be "EXPLAINED". there isn't anything out of the ordinary or complicated enough to need an explanation.

    vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuytAcum lună
  • Alpine will be company of alfa romeu, Hass and Williams at the bottom of the field? 🤔

    Joao CaladoJoao CaladoAcum lună
  • its a typical Frech way, i.e a mess. Its normal for them as the whole country is like that :-)

    Patrick AbasPatrick AbasAcum lună
  • Uhuh. Simply too many black cars driving around? Metc, RB, HAAS, Alpine.

    MrRFastersMrRFastersAcum lună
    • Renaults are yellow, Alpines are blue, black is undecided!

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuytAcum lună
  • Yahoo is a sponsor? That raises some questions to say the least.

    pursang833pursang833Acum lună
  • Redbull : we need Engine for 2022 Cyril : No Engine from Renault. Renault : We have other plans,We will supply Engine. Cyril : I don't like Christian Horner,I'm out. Just speculations.

    Karthik MalayilKarthik MalayilAcum lună
  • It’s a French “thing” relax it will be alright on the night - ha ha!

    John FaulknerJohn FaulknerAcum lună
  • Its not blue!

    Left Foot BrakeLeft Foot BrakeAcum lună
  • Toto don’t do it 😂

    MarscarsMarscarsAcum lună
  • I just love seeing European manufacturers struggling. Then again, I am Australian, and from my perspective, given the awful customer service European manufactures give here, the fucking deserve it! I would hate for the team to fail though. So much work has gone into building it to be a competitive team, and that work could so easily go down the drain if it isn’t done right! Fingers crossed for everyone at Enstone!

    FormulaFish15FormulaFish15Acum lună
  • Well, at least Ricciardo is clear of this now 😂 RIP Alonso

    TimmyTheSnailTimmyTheSnailAcum lună
  • Well, that seem odd. Considered how smooth and natural the Aston Martin rebrand went, this could spark potential disaster. Then again, due to the freeze of the most parts it might have not as much of an impact to the 2021 campaign. Hopefully they'll sort themselves out before it could impact 2022.

    Der BeppoDer BeppoAcum lună
  • While allthe other cars have major upgrades This team has a 2019 Williams Engine

    Denzel VennDenzel VennAcum lună
  • Looks like Renault are going to make a total balls of 2021

    Pete KearneyPete KearneyAcum lună
  • Alonso's going to ruin them.

    William StephensWilliam StephensAcum lună
  • I thought Alonso was coming back to a stable situation. This is a mess.

    cyclops centurioncyclops centurionAcum lună
    • He thought that too xD

      Ukulele ProductionsUkulele ProductionsAcum lună
  • I hope they've put more effort into engineering he car...

    Andrew MarrAndrew MarrAcum lună
  • From the outside looking in, this seems typical. From the easiest going guy, Danny Ric, deciding to leave after just one season to the resigning of a washed up driver, Alonso, nobody else wants. The whole rebranding of team from a recognizable brand to one I'm sure most have never heard of seemed off from the beginning. Cyril leaving is the cherry on top. Now learning about their internal power structure makes for a clearer picture. I will be shocked if they aren't fighting with the likes of Williams, Haas, and Alfa Romeo at the rear of the championship table at season's end.

    Joe RiekeJoe RiekeAcum lună
  • Renaults are yellow, Alpines are blue, black is undecided!

    John MitchellJohn MitchellAcum lună
  • They better use their legendary blue livery 😡😡😡

    Carlitox bCarlitox bAcum lună
  • That livery is unimaginative to say the least.

    Elijah GabrielElijah GabrielAcum lună
  • Suddenly Red Bull's decision to just buy out the Honda project looks even better.

    Chris FurloughChris FurloughAcum lună
  • Looks like a Haas with that colour scheme and the font of the "A" on the side.

    Rich CookRich CookAcum lună
  • Wasn't alpine with BMW back in the days?

    Troy DTroy DAcum lună
  • Good luck with your rebranding, Renault

    Misha BEZEDEMisha BEZEDEAcum lună
  • Al-peen Yuck!

    American PrideAmerican PrideAcum lună
  • Just the thing I needed after this day in home office to make it a bit better. Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!

    formulafanformulafanAcum lună
  • Typical toxic corporate environment

    Ale FAle FAcum lună
  • Can't see Renault sticking around F1 for long, most manufacturers are more inclined to put more money in to Formula E programmes I think. F1 doesn't really translate to road cars anymore

    Mike MMike MAcum lună
  • The beat tho

    Nikolai MailatNikolai MailatAcum lună
  • Who tf is Alpeene?

    Hanohano Campos-WhitfordHanohano Campos-WhitfordAcum lună
  • Obviously there was a bit of a row at the top. Something big happened behind the scenes at the last minute that caused all this kerfuffle. The car looks quite retro, like a 1970's livery.

    Alex LamasAlex LamasAcum lună
  • its really not confusing

    JΛMΛJΛMΛAcum lună
  • Time for for the professor to take over

    Eli ThorntonEli ThorntonAcum lună
  • I for one am excited for the future of this team! Excited to find out what they rename themselves three years from now 🤣

    OliverOliverAcum lună
  • Flat black so 2010...... Great paint it like an 18 year old's civic

    PaulPaulAcum lună
  • That livery is horrible to be honest, why isn’t Prost running the team I think he will do a better job. I was looking forward to a blue car, this looks like a 2019 Haas vs 2020 Alpha Turi. The management and personnel for the team is all messed up, will be interesting to see how well things work out.

    Andrew BAndrew BAcum lună