I. Swiatek vs. B. Bencic | 2021 Adelaide Final | WTA Match Highlights

27 feb. 2021
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Watch the Match Highlights from I. Swiatek vs. B. Bencic, 02/27/2021

  • Nie rozumiem z tak silnym przeciwnikiem Iga wygrala a z Muguruza -wiek rencisty w Tenisie narobila bledow ktore nie robi poczatkujacy..

    sygmund klimczaksygmund klimczakAcum lună
  • Iga swietnie gra przeciwnoga

    Tomek janeckiTomek janeckiAcum lună
  • Misaki Doi i like her but it will be execution

    Tomek janeckiTomek janeckiAcum lună
  • Swiatek has a nice return

    Brett SBrett SAcum lună
  • Iga & Osaka will be fighting for world #1.

    mijuo rouimijuo rouiAcum lună
  • Ja gram lepiej

    Jakub PilichowskiJakub PilichowskiAcum lună
  • Iga Swiatek will be one of the best tennis players in the WTA. I hope for that.

    Mauro DonatiMauro DonatiAcum lună
  • BRAWO IGA !...Wszystkie mecze IGI na ....YT kanał.... Oleksandr Zhyla

    kamil Bkamil BAcum lună
  • Not the future of women's tennis. But the present. Keep winning Iga!

    huttio srreuhuttio srreuAcum lună
  • Not the future of women's tennis. But the present. Keep winning Iga!

    foopyu noouifoopyu noouiAcum lună
    • супер

      mijuo rouimijuo rouiAcum lună
  • Not the future of women's tennis. But the present. Keep winning Iga!

    beedsj roiuebeedsj roiueAcum lună
  • Iga Swiatek. You Tube.

    Kruk PolnyKruk PolnyAcum lună
  • the first two points in the video starting from 0:43 are so identical from both players. Textbook 1-2 punch.

    soniyu ziuysoniyu ziuyAcum lună
    • BRAWO POLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      huttio srreuhuttio srreuAcum lună
  • Osaka & swiatek the future

    bssni touirbssni touirAcum lună
    • Who's the commentator? Her voice is so soothing lol

      foopyu noouifoopyu noouiAcum lună
  • lets go Igaaaaa!

    Fide NeminiFide NeminiAcum lună
    • BRAWO POLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      bssni touirbssni touirAcum lună
  • game and behavior on the court is a great advertisement for women's tennis!

    soniyu ziuysoniyu ziuyAcum lună
    • Brawo Iga :)

      bssni touirbssni touirAcum lună
  • When the first title of your career is the French Open, that's a sign of good things to come!

    derekderekAcum lună
    • In the past , when someone won a GrandSlam or other tournament ...they compared those players to Serena ...now they are comparing them to Osaka ...

      soniyu ziuysoniyu ziuyAcum lună
  • Iga Gratulacje- pozdrowienia z Polski 👍👏🇵🇱🎉

    Marek81 kMarek81 kAcum lună
    • fighting for the top spot (some adding Gauff), win 10+ slams each...I guess some people started watching tennis 4 months ago lol. Experience shows you can't make such c

      bssni touirbssni touirAcum lună
  • I.Swiatek - молодець у всьому.

    Nu frumosNu frumosAcum lună
  • Future number one, excellent Iga.

    Rodri GoRodri GoAcum lună
    • same boat, they have to choose if they want to play or not. The way the stupid scoring system is now it’s ridiculous. The rankings should look much different than they are:

      soniyu ziuysoniyu ziuyAcum lună
  • Swiatek is the future of women's tennis and isn't it refreshing to see a player not screaming come on after every point, I love it....................

    dennydennyAcum lună
  • Welcome from Canada, Toronto. IGA you are the BEST, you are very talented player, and you are a Beautiful woman. Congratulations !!!!!!!!

    MrJanusz45MrJanusz45Acum lună
    • Iga zrozumie też po polsku.

      KowalskyLeonKowalskyLeonAcum lună
  • супер

    Sofia SeleznewaSofia SeleznewaAcum lună
  • 200k views Iga's impact omg

    stream troye sivanstream troye sivanAcum lună
  • Iga clearly dominated. Her game was precise and powerful. Just wow.

    ApoetsbrainApoetsbrainAcum lună
  • Brawo Iga :)

    Klakier xxxKlakier xxxAcum lună
  • BRAWO POLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Władysław RogoczynWładysław RogoczynAcum lună
  • Who's the commentator? Her voice is so soothing lol

    azjmsxhnazjmsxhnAcum lună
    • @azjmsxhn Which one? There are two commentators: Sue Barker and Melanie South.

      VJVJAcum lună
    • @VJ so who is she?!?!

      azjmsxhnazjmsxhnAcum lună
    • ASMR fan? :D

      VJVJAcum lună
  • Gratulacje Iga! 💛

    bigastylbigastylAcum lună
  • Finally I saw some sport competition with fans. Congrats Iga!

    Szyny były złeSzyny były złeAcum lună
  • In the past , when someone won a GrandSlam or other tournament ...they compared those players to Serena ...now they are comparing them to Osaka ...

    Manash SaikiaManash SaikiaAcum lună
  • I'm a bit sick with all these comments claiming that Osaka and Swiatek are like the only two valuable players on tour, that they'll dominate the tour and have an ongoing rivalry fighting for the top spot (some adding Gauff), win 10+ slams each...I guess some people started watching tennis 4 months ago lol. Experience shows you can't make such calls

    Alex PrinceAlex PrinceAcum lună
  • Iga reminds me of Justine Henin...slight build but deceiving power

    r mr mAcum lună
  • When are they going to start taking away points from players if they don’t defend their tournaments? COVID-19 should have nothing to do with it because every player is in the same boat, they have to choose if they want to play or not. The way the stupid scoring system is now it’s ridiculous. The rankings should look much different than they are:

    PaulDA2000PaulDA2000Acum lună
    • " The current BETTER OF ranking approach and rules will remain in place through the tournament week of March 15, 2021 (i.e., the week prior to Miami), which results in a better of ranking approach for March 4, 2019 - March 21,2021. At the conclusion of the 2021 Miami event, points will begin to drop and the traditional ranking system will transition into place. This will provide for the normal drop of points with the April 5, 2021 ranking. "

      VJVJAcum lună
  • Really like swiateks game. Think she is a contender for being at the top of the game

    Anto GalbraithAnto GalbraithAcum lună
  • Sorry spelt name wrong meant iga

    carole walkercarole walkerAcum lună
  • After Osaka, thus young woman iga swiatek is my second favorite female tennis player.... she has a bright future...... keep going iga

    Mohamed YasinMohamed YasinAcum lună
  • She's very young. Long way to be the be(a)st. But she knows how to do it

    Maciej SzymanskiMaciej SzymanskiAcum lună
  • Super. Iga

    Robert SzewczakRobert SzewczakAcum lună
  • After the final match, it's hard not to be tempted to comment. Iga is very well run by a very young team. It is the 28-year-old coach who decides about Iga's tactics and way of playing. You can't see it in broadcasts, but Iga has a powerful reflection on the left and right. In addition, she has a strong service - as a 17-year-old she achieved a service speed of 192 km / h. Iga, who is very powerful, limited her strength to 80% in the field of play and around 85% in the service. As practice shows, such power is sufficient because it takes away the opponents' faith in the final success. It is worth noting that the adopted way of playing the game reduces the number of unforced errors. In the game against B. Bencic she made only 6 unforced mistakes !!! Iga matches are pleasantly watched. It does not scream with every hit, and it does not display brutal and primitive power. Iga's game and behavior on the court is a great advertisement for women's tennis!

    lakerim39lakerim39Acum lună
    • I agree 100%

      TorpedaTorpedaAcum lună
  • Iga's great to watch she has a feisty attitude and play's to the crowd using gestures and jumps etc - in the French Open Quarter Final it was funny she held her hand to her ear pretending she can't hear the crowd cheering to get them to cheer louder after she won the match. Technique is good too uses plenty of top spin and notice she frequently slides into shots instead of running thru them - sliding with open stance helps swing harder and gets you get back ready faster. Sure to win many more titles.

    Stephen HumbleStephen HumbleAcum lună
  • Congratulations Iga! Gratulacje! Jesteś Wielka!

    Tom A.Tom A.Acum lună
  • its strange watching this considering I live at this location and nobody wears masks here... nobody. But I see players and ballkids walking out wearing masks like its normal. Its all for TV folks.

    Lupi33Lupi33Acum lună
  • I love how the first two points are mirror-perfect.

    MolybdaenmornellMolybdaenmornellAcum lună
  • Polska moc.Brawo i jazda!😃

    Jacek L.Jacek L.Acum lună
  • 🕊️🌼📯🍨🌷✋

    edward lewandowskiedward lewandowskiAcum lună
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    Jezus nadchodziJezus nadchodziAcum lună
  • Swiatek, a great future prospect.

    General Shockwave KingpinGeneral Shockwave KingpinAcum lună
  • Iga, Poland loves you! You are great. Congrats

    Izabella ViolettaIzabella ViolettaAcum lună
  • Gratulację Iga!!!!

    gach chmielinskigach chmielinskiAcum lună
  • Bencic just had no weapons. So disappointed with her career since she beat Serena in Canada years ago...

    ManuelPabloArnaoManuelPabloArnaoAcum lună
    • yep actually i think teichmann showed much betters skills than belinda vs świątek, i have also watched first set of belinda vs coco - both players were kinda crap

      bestybestyAcum lună
  • Iga best racket

    AnthraxAnthraxAcum lună
  • By my

    Monika PochwatMonika PochwatAcum lună
  • congrats Iga

    greene slazengergreene slazengerAcum lună
  • Will Iga become #1 seems as if she is on her way....The level of women's tennis continues to rise💪🏿

    Kaaun HallKaaun HallAcum lună
  • Gdy gra Iga piłka śmiga.

    KowalskyLeonKowalskyLeonAcum lună
  • BRAWO IGA :)))) Piękny mecz... :)

    0relaxis00relaxis0Acum lună
  • The world would be perfect if the entire WTA top 10 are non-shrieking players....😑😒

    Warrior SonWarrior SonAcum lună
  • Iga has a MONSTER backhand....😟😣

    Warrior SonWarrior SonAcum lună
  • I see Iga and Bianca as the future of wta, more than Naomi

    TalcumTalcumAcum lună
    • @PaulDA2000 there are players who have been injury plagued their entire careers and have had to retire young, like Tracy Austin. It had nothing to do with her conditioning

      TalcumTalcumAcum lună
    • @Talcum Not so early in their career. And you could she she needed to drop a few pounds.

      PaulDA2000PaulDA2000Acum lună
    • @PaulDA2000 fine, but I don't see any link between injuries and fitness level. Some of the fittest players have been played by injury.

      TalcumTalcumAcum lună
    • @Talcum There’s no backing up a claim I have my opinion and you have yours you can’t back up your claim either that it’s not because she’s out of shape that she got injured.

      PaulDA2000PaulDA2000Acum lună
    • @PaulDA2000 if you can back up claim them you're not a troll. If you can't, then you're a troll.

      TalcumTalcumAcum lună
  • Super Iga Świątek ❤❤🇮🇩 2 tournaments, 2 surfaces for the Polish and she won without losing a single set both. How about that!!

    Bruce WayneBruce WayneAcum lună
  • Jazda Iga

    Kariksen YTKariksen YTAcum lună
  • Unlike the previous Polish super pushers (Radwanska and Wozniacki), Swiantek can play a really aggressive game.

    Dark matterDark matterAcum lună
    • @stream troye sivan Depends how you look at it, I am of Italian descent but I am an American citizen so I consider myself an American. Plus I really don’t get all this nationalistic nonsense of cheering for the person from your own country just because they’re from your country. I like tennis players because I like the tennis player not because they play for the United States. My favorites are Serena, Garbiñe, Naomi, Sofia. I like them because I like them not because two of them play for the United States.

      PaulDA2000PaulDA2000Acum lună
    • @PaulDA2000 ummm i don't agree with that guy but Karo IS polish and danish

      stream troye sivanstream troye sivanAcum lună
    • @PaulDA2000 Since when Wozniacki is Danish surname? 😂

      Piotr SzewczykPiotr SzewczykAcum lună
    • @Bruce Wayne Maybe in Denmark it doesn't matter, in Poland it matters so this discussion is pointless.

      Piotr SamulakPiotr SamulakAcum lună
    • @Bruce Wayne She has Polish parents. That's all. The place where you have born can define your citizenship according to various law systems, but not nationality. In Poland nationality and citizenship is not the same. If you have Polish parents you are treated in Poland like Polish even if you live abroad all your life.

      Piotr SamulakPiotr SamulakAcum lună
  • Wow, excellent game from Iga!! Great future for her

    KarlKarlAcum lună
  • There is a bit of fresh air in women's tennis. After theatrics of Williams.

    Say it !Say it !Acum lună
    • Yeah don't hate on the Williams sisters for dominating womens tennis. Yeah y'all got hope but here comes Osaka and CoCo watch! Keep pressure on those girls they crack. Plus Serena not gone yet. She still KICKN butt ask halep ask sabalenka!!!

      E RagsE RagsAcum lună

    E RagsE RagsAcum lună
    • @Great Mind Iga looks pretty physical to me. That's a Big Girl!

      E RagsE RagsAcum lună
    • @E Rags Iga is French Open champion, first grand slam champion born in 21st century, how about that? People love her because she plays way more beautiful tennis than Osaka who is just good on hard courts where she uses her physicality.

      Great MindGreat MindAcum lună
    • @PaulDA2000 Oh ok. I stand corrected.

      E RagsE RagsAcum lună
    • Iga did win a grand slam, the French Open. What the hell are you rambling about?

      PaulDA2000PaulDA2000Acum lună
    • she won french open 2020, i dont understand what u are talking about

      Zuzanna WitczakZuzanna WitczakAcum lună
  • Brawo Iga ! Ceszymy sie Toba na calym swiecie ,jestes argumentem na kazde zapytanie o Polske !

    pesaqpesaqAcum lună
  • Bardzo zła decyzja Igi Świątek, to znaczy jej ojca, przyjęcie ambasadorstwa chińskiej firmy telefonicznej. Sponsorów jej nie braknie, będą się o nią bili. Czyż nie powinniśmy bojkotować Chin na wszelkie sposoby za to co zrobili i co robią.

    mac janzammac janzamAcum lună
    • @stream troye sivan A co Chiny mają wspólnego z PiS? Co ja mam wspólnego z PiS? Chyba tyle co ty z wiedzą na temat Chin - bezwzględne zero. Właśnie pokazałeś gnojku co sobą reprezentujesz w twoich poprzednich komentarzach. Napisz gnojku z tym drugim gnojkiem, skoro z was takie mądrale, co takiego złego Chiny robią. Konkrety, a nie puste hasła, puste szczekanie kundelków.

      KowalskyLeonKowalskyLeonAcum lună
    • @KowalskyLeon to jest bardzo ignoranckie i pokazuje to, że nie znasz świata, poczytaj sobie o tym co Chiny robią

      stream troye sivanstream troye sivanAcum lună
    • @KowalskyLeon spierdalaj pisiorku jebać pis

      stream troye sivanstream troye sivanAcum lună
    • @KowalskyLeon Doucz się i poznaj fakty a potem się odzywaj.

      mac janzammac janzamAcum lună
    • @mac janzam Napisz jeszcze konkretnie, co takiego Chińczycy zrobili i robią.. A może ciebe boli, że Chińczycy wiele rzeczy po prostu szybciej i lepiej robią???

      KowalskyLeonKowalskyLeonAcum lună
  • JAZDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kocham tenis, kocham Igę!!!!!! A co

    tomasz ryznertomasz ryznerAcum lună
  • Double faults iga (0) vs bencic (8). That stats alone is quite staggering in itself

    ManOnEarthManOnEarthAcum lună
  • 0:37 Aww, that's lovely message.

    VJVJAcum lună
  • Her athleticism and overall game remind me of Justin Henin.

    Pawit TraipanPawit TraipanAcum lună
    • @Torpeda me of steffi

      Tomek janeckiTomek janeckiAcum lună
    • Me too

      TorpedaTorpedaAcum lună
  • She’s good,very good but I’m not impressed by these young players at all. They can win slams,which is pretty awesome but consistency is far better. When was the last time we saw a player maintain her level for at least 10 months? I have yet to see that before calling her "fantastic " .

    Eo De ScyllaEo De ScyllaAcum lună
  • Iga and Naomi will be open next era of domination, like Williams Sisters before

    Anna WalczakAnna WalczakAcum lună
  • Iga w finale rozegrała najlepszy mecz od czasów pojedynku z Halep w Paryżu z bardzo dobrze grającą Becic. Bańka z powodu aury zwycięstwa na Roland Garros chyba już pękła. Iga weszła na niesamowicie wysokie obroty. Czy długo można grac na takim gazie? )) Czy można jeszcze lepiej? Brawo Iga! Pokonała przeciwniczki i samą siebie.

  • An ongoing joy watching Iga.

    Moorish BrooklynMoorish BrooklynAcum lună
  • Iga is casey in atipycal 😂😂

    alanleandro17alanleandro17Acum lună
    • @stream troye sivan she looks similar !!

      alanleandro17alanleandro17Acum lună
    • I love Casey ❤️ and Iga hahaha

      stream troye sivanstream troye sivanAcum lună
  • Iga Swiatek is the future. Sheer ball striking talent and ability to hit acute angles at will. And ultra aggressive. Well, Bencic unfortunately has no x-factor in her game, so far...tactically or power wise. She has a reliable baseline game, good defense thats about it.

    ZeusZeusAcum lună
    • I agree

      TorpedaTorpedaAcum lună
  • J-AAA-Z-D-A!

    toggidtoggidAcum lună
  • Dommage qu’Agnieska Radwańska n’ai pas réussi a gagner un Grand Chelem où être n° 1 mondiale. Elle était nettement plus talentueuse que sa compatriote Iga Swiatek...

    Ornicus OrcaOrnicus OrcaAcum lună
  • I didn’t think Iga would continue to be this good this fast but she is proving me wrong. We will have to see what happens in the next few months, but she could well be the 2nd best female tennis player after Naomi.

    PaulDA2000PaulDA2000Acum lună
  • didn't scroll down so i could see who won. Thumbnail of Iga holding the trophy right next to the video..... WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS....

    KureransuKureransuAcum lună
    • @Kureransu Oh OK I misunderstood sorry.

      PaulDA2000PaulDA2000Acum lună
    • @PaulDA2000 the thumbnail I'm talking about was for the full match. So...,

      KureransuKureransuAcum lună
    • Most people know who won before they watch the highlites. The average fan either watched the match or googled the winner. The highlites are not here to “surprise” you.

      PaulDA2000PaulDA2000Acum lună
  • Iga is super talented and IMO she has a great and bright future in front of her!!🙌👏👌

    Dim Val's GamesDim Val's GamesAcum lună
  • and somehow Barty is still number one w the bad ranking system lol

    KaitlinKaitlinAcum lună
  • Iga's forehand backswing kinda reminds me of Wawrinka's.

    UtopiandranzerUtopiandranzerAcum lună
  • it is so nice to hear for a change an announcer who actually makes an effort to pronounce Iga's name correctly

    Ry KarpinskiRy KarpinskiAcum lună
  • Congrats IGA !!!! I saw one of fans was from Gdynia !!!!!!

    Radek KaiserRadek KaiserAcum lună
  • Iva will be number one in 2 years time

    carole walkercarole walkerAcum lună
    • Spelled her name wrong. You can edit you know.

      PaulDA2000PaulDA2000Acum lună
  • She looks so light on her feet. Actually, I think she will be even better than Osaka. She is improving very quickly.

    rayncarrayncarAcum lună
  • Iga's body control is something that is really special. That and her balance when she moves really stood out for me when I first saw her play. These strengths allow her to make amazing shots and be ready for the return, if there is one, with ease.

    JaraponJaraponAcum lună
  • Nice final I have FULL on my Channel , Wellcome:)

    Oleksandr ZhylaOleksandr ZhylaAcum lună
    • I saw ,Iga was the BEST

      Top Tennis WatchTop Tennis WatchAcum lună
  • Iga stomping Bencic on behalf of her friend Naomi haha

    jef cergosjef cergosAcum lună
  • Iga will be top 5 in the next few months.

    Jeffrey LaraJeffrey LaraAcum lună
  • Iga is a beast! All around game, great movement and brains!

    Vanessa WyndhamVanessa WyndhamAcum lună
  • Iga jest niesamowita! Pasja, wyczucie, siła, mądrość, spokój, technika!!!! Jak się nic nie przewidywanego wydarzy to będzie numer 1 na lata! Gratulacja dla Ciebie Iga!

    Rapanujo NLRapanujo NLAcum lună
  • IGA osiągnęła już wiele, osiągnie jeszcze więcej . Wszystko co robi i jak się zachowuje jest bardzo szczere i naturalne . MEGA GIGA MEGAGIGA IGA!

    Dariusz ZadloDariusz ZadloAcum lună
  • You need to know that if the WTA points calculation system had not been changed by the pandemic, Iga would be in the top 10 of the WTA and not the 18th. Bravo Iga, great match👍

    Artur GrabowskiArtur GrabowskiAcum lună
    • @MyPumpkin00 Barty coś w Australii jakiś mały turniej wygrala ale nadal, powinna być poza 10 :/

      stream troye sivanstream troye sivanAcum lună
    • @Artur Grabowski racja, zamrożony ranking bardzo wypacza. Andreescu od końcówki 2019 zagrała bodajże tylko w AO w tym roku, Barty właściwie od 2019 też niczego nie wygrała. W ATP podobnie, nieobecny od wielu miesięcy Federer wciąż wysoko w top 10, no trochę kuriozalna sytuacja

      MyPumpkin00MyPumpkin00Acum lună
    • @Grzechu M tylko ze przed tym turniejem powinna być na 4 miejscu. Po tym może byłaby jeszcze wyżej.

      Piotr SzewczykPiotr SzewczykAcum lună
    • jest juz 15, zobacz wta real time ranking

      Grzechu MGrzechu MAcum lună
  • Man she's SO good. This is relly exciting for the women's game, to have players at the top like Osaka, Barty, Halep, and now Iga. Power from any place on the court, absolutely fearless.

    GoalieLifeGoalieLifeAcum lună
  • Iga just needs to be more consistent (as she herself has noted), and then she can move up to the elite ranks. Bencic had played really well in this tournament and Iga made quick work of her. Nice win.

    SyncraticSyncraticAcum lună
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ IGA ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    LikeLikeAcum lună