TOp 25 🌷🌸 Oh mY GoD, i tHiNk I'm DyiNg MemE 🌷🌸 Meme || [Ep.1] 👑 gAcHa LiFe & GaChA cLuB✔️❤️

5 apr. 2021
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TOp 25🌹🌼 Oh mY GoD, i tHiNk I'm DyiNg MemE 🌼🌹Meme || [Ep.1] 👑 gAcHa LiFe & GaChA cLuB✔️❤️
W A T C H I N G ! !
S U B S C R I B E F O R M O R E :D

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#Gacha life

  • Hi love your videos btw I am new and please can I have a shout out 😃

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    • @Aria K it none of your business

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  • there's so many ads -_-

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  • 8:52 wut-

    \ CloudyYT /\ CloudyYT /Acum oră
  • oh my god I THINK IM DYING!

    Annie-安妮黎Annie-安妮黎Acum oră
  • 8:48 Wow u really got em anger issues :/

    「AaA ItzLight 」「AaA ItzLight 」Acum 2 ore
  • 6:39 wow mari uhm why u smirking? Hmmm

    「AaA ItzLight 」「AaA ItzLight 」Acum 2 ore
  • XD

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  • Ayyyy the 2nd one is from may are my tv :D

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  • Can I ask a question, what app do you use for editing ur videos?

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  • Comment if u have ever gotten angry that u wanted to kill someone and what did u do

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  • the mha ones hit most

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  • that uraraka one nahhH NO

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  • Im 50 percent eviland 50 percent kind

  • bruj

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  • Im new to this chanel

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  • if this was a test id fail it

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  • 7:06 good detail that it's piggy's avatars, i love it!

    Julián BoscoJulián BoscoAcum 12 ore
  • Why did I think it's 'omg I think I'm alive'

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  • i guess people dont care about Jesus anymore

    XxLCsistersxX :3XxLCsistersxX :3Acum 14 ore

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  • 7:41

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  • Im propably gonna get banned from comments

    Michael PlayzMichael PlayzAcum 15 ore
  • First I thought it was "OMG I THINK I LOVE HIM" and then on the 8th one I realized it was "OMG I THINK IM DYING" I was like Ohhhhh that's why they all Fall their life Is dead oh and it's Omg I think im dying Lie Not Believed Omg I think im dying Lie Not Believed Omg I think im dying True Not Believed but when see they fell their heart "This is all fake Right Right Nooo!!! PLZ I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU!

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  • How many subs can I get from this comment Current 145

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  • when i saw the tumbnail i thought that was prince zuko for a sec-

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  • 1000000000000000

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  • not trying to be rude but since YoU pUt EvErYtHiNg LiKe ThIs your name should be M i O k A y

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  • the first is dumb

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  • 0:40 when you enter hell/heaven oH my god I think I’m dying

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  • 0:20 I mean she's a stalker

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  • :Kajal

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  • falls down* Them OH MY GOD SHE DIED *Me*I just tripped the hell

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  • When you go to hell you just get tortured you don’t turn into demon

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  • 💙💙💙💙💙

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  • кто русский?)

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  • God is a woman

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  • U cant die in heaven

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  • 9:48 - 10:06 MY HERO ACADEMIA?!?!

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  • 🥰🥰

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  • You know what I find funny in one sentence he said u mean and in the same sentence you made

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  • 2:14

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  • I dont like gacha but the second one got me.

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  • 8:08 That made me cry but the real version made me cry even worse 🥺

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  • ITS NOT TO LATE TO TURN BACK !! ✝️ GOD WILL FORGIVE YOU FOR ALL YOUR SINS JUST PLEASE SPREAD THE GOSPEL HAVE FAITH PRAY READ THE BIBLE AND NOBODY IS PERFECT✝️!PRAY THIS :dear god..please forgive me for all my sins i believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for me and role to the dead three days after . CAN I GET A AMEN!?✝️

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  • ByE bYe LiLa ✨

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  • Me when my mom comes:closes my iPad sits on the chair opens up the bible starts reading Me Whalen my mom is gone:IPAD IPAD IPAD IPAD IPAD...

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  • I’m new to your thing I’m gonna subscribe

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  • i dont understand why people wait for the epic music

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  • why does this remind me of the time i was pressured and forced into helping someone with doing a prank of them being suicidial and I tried to stop it so many times but they kept pressuring me and I ended up loosing my best friend. A H A

    CyveaCyveaAcum o Zi
  • Put some effort on your vid and don’t steal other video,stop making top 10 video and u just make money from stole other ppl’s a annoying so much

    ItsMrsShadowyItsMrsShadowyAcum o Zi
    • @SuperMarioDJ which means screen recording/downloaded someone elses videos and puting it into a stack of dozen other videos he downloaded/screen recorded and making it into a complitation which just takes like 15 mins then suddenly they get over 3m views ._.

      ameliq vfxameliq vfxAcum 5 ore
    • @SuperMarioDJ true

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    • Then get out hes just showing other videos so shut up.

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  • OMG

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  • So the logic is the most abused is the fallen angel?

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  • all of theses are so edgy lol its like MOPNG SHES A GOOD PERSON lol

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  • I like the MLB

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  • They is firts is amenginzg

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  • Gorl: sup i wanna go heaven :v Gorl: bruh, am going straigh to hell

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  • Marinette doesn’t have like “100% gOod” she can sometimes be mean yknow xd

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  • 2:15

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  • What is the point of oMG I’m really dieting in the angle thingy?

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  • Okay so )--( Guess what the face is

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  • :(

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  • It sounds like rlly in stead of I think

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  • 2: the girl wearing demon but she went to heaven

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  • 7:10 Dude: 35% good Angel: Heaven you shall go Me: -calls god and tells him that the angel let him go to heaven and he had 35% of good God: replaces the angel

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  • 1:45 that's why you shouldn't joke about serious things, maybe one day it will happen to you, and your friends will think your joking because you did a prank about dying in the past.

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  • moral of the story: dont be like that time a boy was looking after the sheep and he cried "wolf" 50 times.

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  • So this trend is basically just 'The boy who called wolf'?

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  • I love how you steal things.

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  • 3:16 i dont liek wher dis is going

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  • Don’t joke about dieing

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  • mother god senses are tinggleing lol

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  • im a huge fan can i get a shout out?? im also new T>T lol

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  • Has anyone thought that in the villains perspective they were good guys and satan is an angel and the angel is the devil

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  • excuse me may i ask what its saying 6:14 into the vid?

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  • 8:16 kimetsu no yaiba

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  • when i says 100 me be like: but.. but... thats not possible....

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  • 0:43 Oh my gawd I'm fuking dying

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  • 2:48 omg if you thought you were dying then why wouldn’t you go to a hospital? 🤨

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