Friday Night Funkin But Boyfriend Vs Haunted House

22 apr. 2021
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  • What the...

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  • Nice man👍👍

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  • skid and pump : YAY SPOO- bf : N O P E

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  • so cool

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  • Sooo spoky

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  • Spooky Dance!!

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  • Lemon demon: Hi. Everyone AHHH!! Lemon demon: What I do? ;w;

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  • Hi I’m Kylie

  • M nonito e buao g

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  • 0:37 cursed

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  • Esto es calidad pura

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  • 6:35 its an photo of a family of among us😱

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  • among us needs to chill

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  • what

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  • These are actually kinda entertaining XD

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  • Doorway: *exists* Skid, pump and boyfriend: *no*

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  • Я один русс?

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  • Lemon demon: I HAVE MERCY HELPPP

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  • Hola

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  • Wtf habit to gf

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  • Sonic is here

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  • 0:42 when the guy in the van has lots of candy

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  • a golden mic

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  • I need a video of demon gf lol

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  • hahaha

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  • Poor door🤣

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  • 3:37 I love how the tail going out of gf sound is BF being blue balled

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  • Da waren am morgen das Bild

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  • ther's like 5 twist in this video

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  • 3:45 Plot twist: Corruption mod was just a Halloween festival, everyone's too scared to put on the costumes that Lemon Demon made, the "evil/corrupted" Boyfriend is just boyfriend tryna convince everyone the costume's safe.

  • Ngl that was scary

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  • 1:29 fera Waring Mario hat

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  • i see the end frame among us🤯

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  • It must be skid and pump beat up the green tentacle monster and go insida and just that

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  • B

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  • I saw you in window 🪟

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  • Spooky Month

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  • pok😂😂😂😂😂

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  • I love how he was having a flashback about something that happened 5 seconds ago! Edit: Thanks for the likes I get, but I don't care about how long ago it actually was, I was just tryna make an entertaining comment... And it was just under 9 seconds, so most of you are wrong lmao.

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  • I like the lemon demon saying hi

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  • 0:42 wtf

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  • ZZ Zaz

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  • I think just Spirit what’s scary than me😈🔪

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  • look- 2:02

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  • 2:02 OMG:v

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  • its the spooky month 😃

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  • 😑

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  • 6:23 I love how the spooky kids playing lemon's head like a ball

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  • 2:00 that face 😭😂 btw 5:41 impostor is sus

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  • I hope there is something spooky inside lemon demon face spooky

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  • 6:09 Little lemon LOL

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  • Spooky month

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  • Fnf times giri creepy 3:30

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  • fnf times giri creepy

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  • I love when pico gets punched in the face 👊

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  • Hi

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  • 0:56 that guy should be week 8

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  • GF looks so adorable though Sorry this is just my opinion

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  • 6:19 uhh sound

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    • 6:17

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  • SUS

  • 2:02 pump what the hell, I SAW THE FACE

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  • Endings: Good Ending: it was just a prank Bad Ending: it wasnt a prank and bf got rekt Spooky Ending: pump and skid rekt all Secret Ending: bf got a golden mic Bonus Ending: skid and pump used lemon demon as a ball

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