27 apr. 2021
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  • Char is her self Around u and avani

    Charlis AngelCharlis AngelAcum o Zi
  • i love avaniiii ❤️🖤

    Hala QurnehHala QurnehAcum o Zi
  • I love lemon to I can eat a whole lemon

    Miao ping MaiMiao ping MaiAcum o Zi
  • Awww enzo and charli and like siblings at 5:15

    Zaf BiZaf BiAcum o Zi
  • yall still in atl?

    Stevie DaleStevie DaleAcum 2 Zile
  • 3:47 song?

    mafer portillamafer portillaAcum 3 Zile
  • Lave you madi😢❤️❤️

    basema alkateebbasema alkateebAcum 3 Zile
  • i love charli

    Aaliya JeanAaliya JeanAcum 4 Zile

    tiktok thingstiktok thingsAcum 4 Zile
  • Avani: i love lemon

    kato Sulakadzekato SulakadzeAcum 5 Zile
  • No one is talking about avani in morphe it was like so funny she was like yup that’s me

    Skye and ElizabethSkye and ElizabethAcum 5 Zile
  • ATLANTA TRIP TIKTOKS! (Ft. Sway house, Compound, D'amelio sisters and more!)

  • Y'all see chase and charli on 3:54 or am I trippin

    Emma FraustoEmma FraustoAcum 6 Zile
  • 3:53 Charli and Chase 😍

    RicaJean MendozaRicaJean MendozaAcum 6 Zile
  • Is it just me or I just saw chase and charli sitting next to each other for dinner#chacha

    Jannah CristobalJannah CristobalAcum 6 Zile

    Addis worldAddis worldAcum 6 Zile
  • The best trio no cap

    Ella-trh 29Ella-trh 29Acum 6 Zile
  • lucas and charlie are so cute wtf

    user1122user1122Acum 6 Zile
  • Did I saw chase-

    Roblox SabrinaRoblox SabrinaAcum 6 Zile
  • Раша?

    Aruzhan SerikAruzhan SerikAcum 7 Zile
  • Charli flirting with aVaNi

    •Char editz••Char editz•Acum 7 Zile
  • Se can’t here the halfway

    Maria AriasMaria AriasAcum 7 Zile
  • Eqrly

    Selena ThachSelena ThachAcum 7 Zile
  • Me:sees fire* oooh dont play with fire Madi and Dixie:* 4:11 plays with fire*

    Luna lovegoodLuna lovegoodAcum 7 Zile
  • Charli and chase are sitting next to each other and she is looking over 3:53

    Naisha PandyaNaisha PandyaAcum 7 Zile
  • Madi and Avani an Charli are the best trio

    Jacin DavisJacin DavisAcum 7 Zile
  • When ur 4 days late 😭😭

    Sarra Ben slamaSarra Ben slamaAcum 8 Zile
  • Madie your so pretty like literally❤️

    FidgetToysLoveFidgetToysLoveAcum 8 Zile
  • 3:53 chacha

    Drievierenvijf de kadeekesDrievierenvijf de kadeekesAcum 8 Zile
  • OMG look what doing the woah can get u

    keira bygravekeira bygraveAcum 8 Zile
  • can we just talk about how beautiful avani looked in morphe 😍😍

    Markhiah ColemanMarkhiah ColemanAcum 8 Zile
  • Fire

    Emilia PitaEmilia PitaAcum 8 Zile
  • OK I I it’s talking about the fact that Dixie was touching the fired

    Emilia PitaEmilia PitaAcum 8 Zile
  • Alguém brasileiro?🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    theo moontheo moonAcum 8 Zile
  • These Atlanta vlogs were literally so fun and seeing all of you together really brought back so many old memories from the time y'all were in hype and just love the vibezzz and stuff❤❤❤

    Neha SalmanNeha SalmanAcum 8 Zile
  • this is the best video😭❤️

  • 3:53 chacha moment for all of us ;0

    xxforest_treesxxxforest_treesxAcum 8 Zile
  • I’m fasting

    Charlix_.fp_ EditsCharlix_.fp_ EditsAcum 8 Zile
  • Hi

  • 3:53 🥰

    Mr. That me!!!Mr. That me!!!Acum 9 Zile
  • I love you all ❤️❤️

    Candela ZubiriCandela ZubiriAcum 9 Zile
  • Madi Monroe what was the point for making us wait 11 hours 😭😃

    KiaraKiaraAcum 9 Zile
  • 3:53 look at chase and charli

    I love DixieI love DixieAcum 9 Zile
  • 3:53

    Denislava PlamenovaDenislava PlamenovaAcum 9 Zile
  • Ilyg

    Libby DaviesLibby DaviesAcum 9 Zile
  • Omg but charli and lucas 🥺🥺🥺

    Mattie MashupsMattie MashupsAcum 9 Zile
  • anyone else saw charli laying on chase lap 🥰🤗

    sway hype jerseytrio more fannsway hype jerseytrio more fannAcum 9 Zile
    • time?

      Maddie GregoryMaddie GregoryAcum 8 Zile
  • i love this trio

    Jaya.K_12Jaya.K_12Acum 9 Zile
  • notice how addison wasn't in this

    Jaya.K_12Jaya.K_12Acum 9 Zile
  • They chose a good day to go to Lenox no shootings this time

    Ahva KamoonehAhva KamoonehAcum 9 Zile
  • Watched this 5 times

    Danijela StefanovskaDanijela StefanovskaAcum 10 Zile
  • ❤️

    Sena HatibSena HatibAcum 10 Zile
  • It’s like,compilation of Avani’s vlog

    Habiba KadiriyHabiba KadiriyAcum 10 Zile

    Sofia WestinSofia WestinAcum 10 Zile
  • Congrats everyone who found this comment 😊

    Lilianna ObrzutLilianna ObrzutAcum 10 Zile
  • 3.53 Charli and Chase

    Domniak WojtanekDomniak WojtanekAcum 10 Zile
  • Charlie is so sweet.

    japnoorjapnoorAcum 10 Zile
  • i don't follow you neither I am subscribe, but I love CHAVADI vids, maybe I would considere to suscribe if you keep making vids likes this

    SwagMyTacoSwagMyTacoAcum 10 Zile
  • What is that song called at 3:47

    Chloe SandersChloe SandersAcum 10 Zile
  • Is today the day she notices

    i play robloxi play robloxAcum 10 Zile
  • I love Madi, Avani and Charli💖

    Thayná GabrieleThayná GabrieleAcum 10 Zile
  • Avina! I have a fan page I just have Charlie though but I have a avina fan page to

    CharbearCharbearAcum 10 Zile
  • 4:39 hope you picked the bottle up

    krituliaikrituliaiAcum 10 Zile
  • Stop let me g0

    Aaliyah AyalaAaliyah AyalaAcum 10 Zile
  • Omg

    SadxmeeSadxmeeAcum 10 Zile
  • Omg firts 😭‼️

    NAILEANAILEAAcum 10 Zile
  • I think they went on chavadi trip because ch = charli ava = avani di = madi

    Amina MostafaAmina MostafaAcum 10 Zile
  • ok bye- i was just there

    jenna kincerjenna kincerAcum 10 Zile
  • 3:53 avani's face

    Olivia O3Olivia O3Acum 10 Zile

    Aventuras con Los MartínezAventuras con Los MartínezAcum 10 Zile
  • It was so cute when Lucas and Charli were sitting together🥺

    Jessica BarnesJessica BarnesAcum 10 Zile

    Savage But CuteSavage But CuteAcum 10 Zile
  • Best trio!

    Duda AraujoDuda AraujoAcum 10 Zile
  • Come o Brasil 😭

    Duda AraujoDuda AraujoAcum 10 Zile
  • charli and addisons brother just chillin on the plane

    Riley Ann StrykerRiley Ann StrykerAcum 10 Zile
  • Great Video 🎬 This is my favorite channel right now ✅ 🔔🤗

    EmptyYourMind TVEmptyYourMind TVAcum 10 Zile
  • I love how Lucas was sitting with you guys

    Alina NaheedAlina NaheedAcum 10 Zile
  • 3:54 chacha

    Claudia GomezClaudia GomezAcum 10 Zile
  • No way u made a whole as minute of a 6 minute video an ad lmaooo

    Chris NewmaChris NewmaAcum 10 Zile
  • Go to Poland Madi!

    Jestem KotlecikJestem KotlecikAcum 10 Zile
  • 🌼✨Congrats for everyone who found this comments✨🌼😊

    Donia HarzallahDonia HarzallahAcum 10 Zile
  • I just love that Charli and Chase are still friends I love them their is hope that they might get back together 🥰🥰

    Samoya PattersonSamoya PattersonAcum 10 Zile
  • Je suis sur que rinoshield est encore plus résistant que la marque que Madi présente

    Lucie 26Lucie 26Acum 11 Zile
  • congrats to everyone who found this

    Shamsa Al suwaidiShamsa Al suwaidiAcum 11 Zile
  • chase and charli flirting

    Inesa LadauskienėInesa LadauskienėAcum 11 Zile
  • Ilike your vlogs😍😍😍

    sistar ahmadsistar ahmadAcum 11 Zile
  • Avani, Charli and Madi is the best trio❤️😭

  • Damn

    ZarxyZarxyAcum 11 Zile
  • ouuuu yup get it igggg💗

    TT LTT LAcum 11 Zile
  • Can I get shoutout 🥺

    Tik tok girl Tik tok mashup girlTik tok girl Tik tok mashup girlAcum 11 Zile
  • hi

    fofo amirifofo amiriAcum 11 Zile
  • I love this trio ❤️❤️❤️

    Wikt_oriaaWikt_oriaaAcum 11 Zile
  • Avanis makeup is on fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee love it love u madi Avani Charli and Dixie

    haya altaehaya altaeAcum 11 Zile
  • Sup

    Alondra MoreiraAlondra MoreiraAcum 11 Zile
  • pretend i said something hilarious

    AvaAvaAcum 11 Zile
  • 3:53 avani's tired of third wheeling😅

    Seira CapunoSeira CapunoAcum 11 Zile
  • why does she have three phones?

    Brooklynn ScottBrooklynn ScottAcum 11 Zile
  • Did you like see charli and chase was really close

    taliataliaAcum 11 Zile
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    Anne DolanAnne DolanAcum 11 Zile
  • Half the vid is a sponsor lol

    TexnJetTexnJetAcum 11 Zile