Dream SMP and Their PETS

4 mai. 2021
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actually Dream SMP and Their PETS
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    Dream SMP MemesDream SMP MemesAcum 3 Zile
    • part2!

      狗头Jason狗头JasonAcum 5 ore
    • Just to let u know fundy has a pet cat

      guesst 326guesst 326Acum 17 ore
    • I told you no

      iliya dastafkaniliya dastafkanAcum 2 Zile
    • Our dog *Soviet theme starts playing*

      Xiao DoggeXiao DoggeAcum 2 Zile
    • No

      SlenderBloxi VibesSlenderBloxi VibesAcum 2 Zile
  • where floof

    edmund ariasedmund ariasAcum 54 minute
  • Rat-dog

    smiley facesmiley faceAcum oră
  • What about skeppys dog?

    Simon SantosSimon SantosAcum oră
  • what is song

    Ralph Allen AristonRalph Allen AristonAcum 2 ore
  • Walter my beloved

  • Rat’s real name is Lucy

    DynamicoDynamicoAcum 3 ore
  • meanwhile technos dog floof being the flash

    Ellijo AlairEllijo AlairAcum 3 ore
  • Thanks for good content

    BerecBerecAcum 5 ore
  • Dreams cat is so happy, cause she/he can see him

    Márton RadziwonMárton RadziwonAcum 6 ore
  • Eret has a cat now too!

    Austyn SmithAustyn SmithAcum 6 ore
  • We will always love patches

    Vividly GamingVividly GamingAcum 8 ore
  • Yiu forgot Techno's dog Floof!

    ERR0R SITEERR0R SITEAcum 8 ore
  • I have 2 cats

    Mista topiMista topiAcum 8 ore
  • Tubbo has a cat

    Addison HanelAddison HanelAcum 9 ore
  • Tommy's dog looks like a corndog 😮🌭

    A guy who is gonna hurt youA guy who is gonna hurt youAcum 9 ore
  • My dinosaur is here and he said “meow”

    BaconTrashBaconTrashAcum 10 ore
  • Everyone gangsta till Sapnap asks to borrow them all

    MrQuacklingzMrQuacklingzAcum 12 ore

    Alexmaste2018Alexmaste2018Acum 12 ore

    Ayden CansecoAyden CansecoAcum 13 ore
  • Patches

    OwO ?OwO ?Acum 15 ore
  • What about George’s dog

    Caleb DelgadoCaleb DelgadoAcum 15 ore
  • It’s bring you pet to work day

    MrRageWolfMrRageWolfAcum 17 ore
  • Fundy has a cat

    guesst 326guesst 326Acum 17 ore
  • Did you know Eret got a cat?

    SoniaSoniaAcum 18 ore
  • Music?

  • What is the name of the song

    Maxi 123Maxi 123Acum 23 ore
  • rolabel.info/door/qoibrr7JedeFkYI/video.html

    Private SkittlesPrivate SkittlesAcum o Zi
  • "Rat -dog" :D tf

    batata _ amassadabatata _ amassadaAcum o Zi
  • doesnt george have both cat and dog?

    Eysha JafferyEysha JafferyAcum o Zi
  • ngl... I thought tommy only had one dog :0

    Sarah RothekerSarah RothekerAcum o Zi
  • Wheres jcat?

    IreneTrashGamerIreneTrashGamerAcum o Zi
  • how dare u did not show floof ur guna get cancelled mark my words

    ERICSAW 1711ERICSAW 1711Acum o Zi
  • When the dog is rat

    nhyfhj_playz Marconhyfhj_playz MarcoAcum o Zi
  • ok

    Kendrick SuonKendrick SuonAcum 2 Zile
  • Where is fluf

    Johannes BombitaJohannes BombitaAcum 2 Zile
  • Where is floof technoblad's dog

    astro boiiiastro boiiiAcum 2 Zile
  • Luca passed on to kitty heaven :(

  • I have a pet gun His name is 9/11

    [NotSansAUPlayer56][NotSansAUPlayer56]Acum 2 Zile
  • where is floof????

    BreznknedlBreznknedlAcum 2 Zile
  • And Georges cat is dead

    Tyus EferictoTyus EferictoAcum 2 Zile
  • Tommy's dog doesn't even have a type

    Tyus EferictoTyus EferictoAcum 2 Zile
  • I think dream is teaching his cat How to play Minecraft. Lol

    Tahira ZamanTahira ZamanAcum 2 Zile
  • Betty:D

    Ken.V_1602Ken.V_1602Acum 2 Zile
  • George's cat died :(

    Ahmed RahimiAhmed RahimiAcum 2 Zile
  • This is kinda getting creepy tho.

    Dude me VillDude me VillAcum 2 Zile
  • I like the how Lucy name became rat

    DanielaDanielaAcum 2 Zile
  • technoblade's dog

    Xuan Hong LowXuan Hong LowAcum 2 Zile
  • pets are good

    Leonel David Palafox GuerreroLeonel David Palafox GuerreroAcum 2 Zile
  • gogy used to have luca 😔✋

    XxPotatoQweenxXXxPotatoQweenxXAcum 2 Zile
  • What's the song called

    Wiwit HandayaniWiwit HandayaniAcum 2 Zile
  • You forgot Technoblade's pigs

    Lucy ALLucy ALAcum 2 Zile
  • George also has a doggo

    Team ThunderTeam ThunderAcum 2 Zile
  • I had to dislike for the meme I’m srry

    * OzieWazy ** OzieWazy *Acum 2 Zile
  • Its ok guys, betty and walter are 2 souls in 1 body if you were comcerned why there is 2 dogs.

    NiceClocks Btw_NiceClocks Btw_Acum 2 Zile
  • *but-* *but you showed only one of tommy's dogs*

    polaipolaiAcum 2 Zile
  • lets all agree rat and bad are the same

    Thadgd SnXwThadgd SnXwAcum 2 Zile
  • U forgot techno?

    JamesM29JamesM29Acum 2 Zile
  • Georges old cat Luca actually was nicknamed pooper (luca died :( )

    dremteam404dremteam404Acum 2 Zile
  • The song name? Anyone?

  • What about Technodog Floof? 🥺

    Payton SlimmonPayton SlimmonAcum 2 Zile
  • haha subscribe go *BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*

    Seismic YTSeismic YTAcum 2 Zile
  • Can we get some F’s under this comment for George’s first cat Luca?😿

    MW GameplayMW GameplayAcum 2 Zile
  • *Rat* -*dog*

    Dylan ChinDylan ChinAcum 2 Zile
  • tommys dog is tall like him perfect

    blue fire an Fred'sblue fire an Fred'sAcum 2 Zile
  • You forgot Floof

    Doge RaidDoge RaidAcum 2 Zile
  • George also has a dog

    The Freestone FamilyThe Freestone FamilyAcum 2 Zile
  • I was so confused when BBH's dog was named Rat

    XEROX GamingXEROX GamingAcum 2 Zile

    ExquizetExquizetAcum 2 Zile
  • My dogs are named Betty and Bruno (Idk if you remember Tommy and Drista, but they named one of their Minecraft dogs Bruno)

    Snuggle PuppySnuggle PuppyAcum 2 Zile
  • Are we sure that dreams cat isn't the one that plays Minecraft

    Zachary NitzZachary NitzAcum 2 Zile
  • Tommy is touching his cat how to swear

    محمد صوفيمحمد صوفيAcum 2 Zile
  • Now add sap nap into

    Sam_THRoghoul123Sam_THRoghoul123Acum 2 Zile
  • i guess realized all of ur videos are like 31-35 seconds

    skye sugarskye sugarAcum 2 Zile
  • now 667 comments

    hello 1234hello 1234Acum 2 Zile
  • But floof....

    Ksd99Ksd99Acum 2 Zile
  • Floof crying in the background

    VatsVatsAcum 2 Zile
  • When you realize the cat Dream killed in the prison was his

    What the What the 911What the What the 911Acum 2 Zile
  • 0:27 FAZE Walter

    Christopher DesclafaniChristopher DesclafaniAcum 2 Zile
  • Technoblade= Dog- Floof

    Fun Times With AlphaFun Times With AlphaAcum 2 Zile
  • Ranboo has a dog I'm pretty sure, it's barked on stream before and I think he's mentioned it once. We haven't gotten a name or anything yet tho-

    Maggie PieMaggie PieAcum 2 Zile
  • Doggyinnit

    Carter VueCarter VueAcum 2 Zile

    Rock Star Toy BonnieRock Star Toy BonnieAcum 2 Zile
  • For those of you wondering Betty is the black dog, and Walter is the tan and white dog :]

    •ponder••ponder•Acum 2 Zile
  • Pooper us as cute a patches...so is Rat/ Lucy Betty and Walter are also very cool and pogg * TRY TO CHANGE MY MIND*

    h ph pAcum 2 Zile
  • Fundy: Minecraft - Furry

    CassidyCassidyAcum 2 Zile
  • Dream has the cutest cat ever :)

    RandomDreamSmpVidsRandomDreamSmpVidsAcum 2 Zile
  • Wheres techno's floof

    Vincent LinVincent LinAcum 2 Zile

    ChampBossGamingChampBossGamingAcum 2 Zile
  • lucy is so freaking adorable

    iixxAshyiixx caeushiixxAshyiixx caeushAcum 2 Zile
  • Ay dawg, you're looking good today, the human looks okay though

    AK 7563AK 7563Acum 2 Zile
  • Flooooooooooph

    Killer ISMKiller ISMAcum 2 Zile
  • Dream's and George's cats are so cute

    Faheem HaqueFaheem HaqueAcum 2 Zile
  • Ok

    YoshiBobYoshiBobAcum 2 Zile
  • Techno????

    Il Babbeo ItalescoIl Babbeo ItalescoAcum 2 Zile
  • But gorge's kitty died

    hmmm nohmmm noAcum 2 Zile

    anum khurramanum khurramAcum 2 Zile
  • Techno dog be like : i am joke to you

    extra starzextra starzAcum 2 Zile
  • actually bads dog is named lucy not rat

    Blue PupzBlue PupzAcum 2 Zile
  • 0:18 *confused screaming*

    Jaanvi DasJaanvi DasAcum 2 Zile