Tip Chocolate Hacks With Balloon

26 mar. 2021
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    • What song is this???🌸

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  • Lecker 🤤 💖✨

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  • Bakwas hai sale

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  • It's hard how come it can be cut

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  • Yummy!

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  • Pretty sure it will taste like balloon after this

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  • Wah mau dong

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  • Wow I subscribed you

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  • Inside ballon there is a type of harmful powder that can harm the digestion process

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  • احب 🥰😇💗🤤💗💓💞💕

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  • Balloons are not clean don't eat that

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  • Dude its not even close to tasty you pour all chocolate to that rubber baloon

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  • You know CoRoNa?

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  • Dentro do balão tem um pó e esse pó vai ficar dentro desse ovo quem vai comer isso em??

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  • It's not good for health they are useing rubber

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  • Am I the only one why doesn’t wanna eat this cuz it was in a balloon

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  • Nice

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  • ... Or you could buy silicone chocolate moulds...

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  • I hope it's clean

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  • It s so yummy

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  • It's Ribet 😂😂🤣🤣

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  • Balloon is dirty..

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  • Hi, voll cool

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  • It does not work

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  • And it taste like plastic

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  • I think not is the balloon dirty?

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  • THAT LOOKS DELISH! I Just Know The Recipe! Ima Make It UwU

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  • Nakakadiri naman lasang guma na yan

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  • I dont think its a good idea to eat frozen liquids that have collected molecules from the rubber might be poisonous idk

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  • I'm sorry to tell you this, but, god didn't make our organs be able to withstand harsh chemicals.

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  • 😍🏫

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  • Why do i hear fat boy doo doo in the song?

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  • 風船の中ちゃんと洗ってるんよね

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  • 这个叫糖尿病套餐。

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  • Yummy 😋

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  • Great now it's going to taste like a balloon...nice 👌

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  • Woooooooooow so yummy 😋🤤

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  • 풍선이 얼마나 더러운데... 저걸 먹으면 쓰나..

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  • The chocalate smells like a balloon lmao

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  • The ballon is dirty Wash it 20 seconds

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  • This is cool and nice and thanks for the share 😃😃

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  • What song is this???🌸

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  • လီးပဲ

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  • Rubber, diabetes

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  • Does it work ?

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  • I am gonna use it in my Bakery Thanks❣❤

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  • Fantastic video

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  • El látex es alérgico para muchas personas! Es absurdo utilizar esa manera 😒

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  • Aku kan puasa kok aku jadi iler liat kuenya

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  • there are some chemicals in the balloon so don't do nonsense acts like this. If you think that you can wash and use this ,no chemicals will be present over there.

  • Lagi puasa ngab🗿

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  • Boring

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  • 저 풍선을 씻었겠지? 라고 생각하면 당신은 한국인 입니다 자세히 보기

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  • Cara! Balões tem uma espécie de talco ou pó dentro deles, então... Fazer isso tudo dentro de um balão é extremamente nojento.

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  • Alguien sabe cómo se llama la canción

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  • The Ballon has a chemical

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  • Apaan ini

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  • Ah có bán ko ạ

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  • What if The balloon is smelly and it's sweet for ants to go in.... And what if you eat it and you taste wired with the chocolate

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  • M a chocolate

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  • Superb and so yummy

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